How Much Does Motorcycle Paint Job Cost?

Many people paint their motorcycles to upgrade frames and enhance their looks. Motorcyclists add different images, patterns, themes, and designs.

How Much Does Motorcycle Paint Job Cost? The motorcycle paint job costs about $200 to $3000 depending on motorcycle type, size, preparation, and paint category. The standard paint costs $500 to $1800, a customized plan costs $400 to $800, and the DIY method costs $200 to $500.

You can paint your motorbike without the help of an expert. However, skilled professionals ensure reliable results and finishing. 

What is the cost of a motorcycle paint job?

The motorcycle paint job price varies according to the quality of materials and the person’s skills. The estimated price varies from $200 to $3000.

However, three different techniques assist with this procedure. 

Standard method

The standard paint job includes the paint application on the entire body. Also, it means its application on the different frame parts.

The estimated cost for this task is about $500 to $1800. However, the price is not permanent and changes with enormous factors. 

Motorcycle condition determines the total expense of this procedure. You can prepare it before the paint application, which makes the method expensive.

Excessive time and effort are required for long-lasting results. In such circumstances, the prices become higher than the standard limit. 

The labor charges vary according to their skills, time consumed, and expertise involved in the process. The team charges by per-hour strategies, which makes the method expensive. 


Customized paint projects of motorbikes include unique designs and themes over their frame. However, the versatile plans include adding flame images on its fuel tank, which gives an attractive look. 

Through the customized plans, you can paint the steel or alloy rims. It gives them an appealing and stylish appearance.

Moreover, these strategies satisfy the clients. According to the customization and unique designs, the price of the process becomes high. 

The average cost for these tasks is around $800 to $4000. It depends on the design’s uniqueness, complexity, and color.

The themes, the number of coatings, and the finishing determine the prices of customized projects.

For better results, you can hire a professional and skilled designer who can handle various colors, shades, and designs. 

DIY method

Several people paint motorcycle fuel tanks, frames, tires, and rims without professional assistance. However, these DIY methods are complex, take more time and require skills. 

However, they reduce the additional expense. The average price for DIY tasks is about $200 to $500.

Sometimes, the prices are lower than $200. The category of paint, brush availability, and expertise of a person determines the price of a DIY procedure.

You can ensure the finishing by doing detailed research about the technique. For such procedures, you need a roller, brush, tape to mask the frame, and sandpaper. 

It will take 3 to 12 hours for DIY methods with proper supplies and expertise. However, these methods require accurate planning and strategic assessment of the overall frame area.

 Also, you can calculate the price per square foot of a motorbike. The spraying space is 25 to 30 square feet on a standard motorcycle.

Its fuel tank takes about 5 square feet. You can divide the cost by the square feet and get the total price per square foot.

For example, a tank with 5 square feet takes $200. So, the price per square foot is $40. You can divide the total expense by 30 square feet and get the value.

Factors that affect the cost of the motorcycle paint job

Several factors affect the overall expense of these procedures. But, I have mentioned the three things which can increase the total expense.

Preparation type

Painting a motorbike is a challenging and time taking procedure. It can take hours to even days for optimized finishing.

However, the cost for these procedures depends on the preparation of the frame before paint application. These methods include cleaning the outer body. 

You can clean the upper side of its frame with a soft cloth. Also, damp towels or microfiber dusters are beneficial for wiping off dirt. 

However, you can remove the dirt traces and debris from the frame. The cleaning procedure can take 20 to 30 minutes and charge about $10 to $20. 

The additional dollars can add to the total expense of this plan. Moreover, the preparation includes sanding the surface. For this procedure, you can utilize 80 to 120-grit sandpaper. 

Then, you can rub it over the old paint layer and remove it gradually. You can check the surface and its smoothness.

Priming the frame is another method to prepare the surface. You can spray the high-quality primer directly on the frame and block it through the sandpaper.

A standard sandpaper of 80 to 120 grit has an average price of $5 to $15. You can hide unwanted areas through the masking tape. 

Adjust the tape on the electric parts, oil container, and engine. You can get a masker, but it is expensive. 

Type of paint

Aerosol paint is best for the motorcycle because it has high coverage. It is available in versatile containers for direct application.

However, the quality varies according to manufacturing brand and customer demands. For a better finish, you can use a high-quality and durable color.

It can increase the cost of the overall procedure. Few people use single-coating of moderately priced paints. 

The chosen color, paint thickness, and associated warranties impact the cost. As a result, the best and most high-quality aerosol products have higher prices. 

Greasing and additional work

You can add greasing material and primers over the paint layer. However, these additional works determine the expense of the total project. 

More cleaning and washing can increase the price. A few people add 2 to 3 paint layers. It consumes more material and increases the expense. 

Primers are expensive, and their cost varies according to quality. Also, they have different prices according to the size of their containers. 

A few themes and images require more material. In such circumstances, the average price enhances and affects the cost of this project. 

How to reduce the cost of a motorcycle paint job?

You can decrease the cost of this paint job by using the old container of paint. Also, you can apply the pre-use brushes over the motorcycle frame. 

Single coatings and thin layers can take less material. Eventually, it can decrease the estimated price of the method. 

Also, you can avoid wasting the material and use one container for a single project. You can decrease the cost by doing it without labor assistance. 

For professional procedures, you can get several quotes and compare the prices. Moreover, you can apply it with the brush or make a thin layer with the aerosol container. 

You can select paint of moderate quality which gives a finish. For selection, you can check and compare the cost of different brands.

Priming and sanding their frames without external aid can reduce the project cost.

You can save several dollars by getting discounted offers. Also, you can select specific containers, coupons, and different offers. 

With these methods, you can save $30 on each project. 

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