Why Does My Motorcycle Wobble at High Speeds?

High speed wobble on a motorcycle disturbs stability and control, increasing accidental cases during riding. Sometimes the situation worsens, and you can feel shakiness and vibratory motion on the handlebars and in your palms.

Why Does My Motorcycle Wobble at High Speeds? Motorcycle wobbles at high speeds because of wind pressure, loss of traction, worn-out suspension, riding on grooved pavements, loose nuts or attachments, and failure of steering head bearing. Moreover, it is due to the failure of tires or rims, frame flexing, overloading, and worn-out wheel bearings.

It is discomfort for people when they feel a vibratory feeling in their hands. In addition, you can face issues due to loose or rusted nuts and screws that bind the front end of motorbikes.

Causes Solutions
Wind pressure Avoid brakes application
Loss of traction Slowly release the throttle
Worn out suspension Keep the suspension parts clean
Riding on grooved pavements Slow speed at grooved pavements
Failure of steering head bearings Replace steering head bearings
Tires and rim issues Check the alignment and pressure of the tires
Flame flexing Fix bent frames
Overloading Evenly distribute weight on the front and rear end
Worn-out wheel bearings Change the worn-out swingarm bearings

Wind pressure

The high wind pressure causes disturbance in the movement of the front tires. In addition, it can cause disturbance in the smooth acceleration of the wheels.

These lean to different sides according to the changing air pressure on the road. The wind pressure increases when you move at high speed and increase the chances of vibratory motion.

You can also face this when large vehicles move from sides and increase aerodynamics. In addition, the wind pressure is higher on highways and roads with less traffic.

Decrease the speed rather than applying brakes because it can trigger the situation and put your life at risk.

Loss of traction

The speed wobbles occur at high speed because of loss of traction on the roads. As a result, the tires cannot maintain their proper contact with the road.

The loss of traction commonly comes in front tires, and you can face shaking of handlebars. The loss of traction occurs when you accelerate suddenly.

The tire’s surface cannot keep contact with the road because of sudden acceleration. I prefer not to grasp the handlebars tightly because it can damage the other parts.

Loosely grab the handlebars, and you can see the problem will resolve after some time. In addition, you can fix it by slowly deaccelerating the motorcycle and releasing the throttle.

Worn out suspension

Motorcycle suspension uses a combination of springs and dampers to protect the chassis from bumps. It dampens the bumps that come from unpaved roads and hits potholes.

The suspension system becomes faulty and cannot provide dampening action when moving on the road. As a result, it cannot absorb the impact from the road and affect the chassis and riders.

You can feel the vibratory motion at high speed because of poor roads and faulty suspension components. The failure of springs and damper comes due to poor maintenance and driving.

In addition, the loose parts and hitting on the curbside can damage these parts. Regular maintenance and checking the oil height can prevent suspension components.

It is also necessary to keep them clean because dirt and corrosion are two significant factors that increase their damage.

Riding on grooved pavements

The grooved roads are non-smooth roads to provide better tire traction. In addition, these are beneficial to reduce the slipperiness on road surfaces.

These have several perpendicular and parallel lines for safe driving during rainy seasons when roads are wet. In addition, the chances of slipperiness decrease when you drive on these unpaved or textured road surfaces.

The motorcycle starts to wobble when you ride fast on these roads. In addition, intense vibrations can also damage its various components and increase your maintenance cost.

Use it on smooth roads when you ride at a fast speed for fun or in case of emergencies.

Failure of steering head bearings

The steering head bearing connects the front wheels of the motorcycle to the rest of the frame and provides smooth riding.

You can face difficulty in steer when these parts become failed to function.

In addition, you can face wobbly movement when you increase the speed because of worn-out steering head bearings.

You cannot maintain the alignment of the front tires because of damaged or faulty bearings.

These become faulty due to corrosion on their surface and cannot absorb the impact of bumpy roads.

These do not control the movement of the handlebars and end up with wobbly riding. These can also bind up and leads to intense vibrations.

You should replace the steering head bearings. However, it is a difficult procedure, and calling a mechanic is better than doing it at home.

Use high-quality aftermarket parts and check their compatibility and size according to the model and brand of the motorbike.

Tires and rim issues

The use of incorrect size cannot maintain control when you increase the speed of your motorcycle. In addition, it cannot provide balance and smooth rides because of pressure on its tread surface.

In addition, the poor alignment of the wheels triggers the wobbling issue. The poor wheel alignment and angle adjustment leave space around the wheels for their shaky movements.

The worn-out or bent rims cannot maintain stability during riding. You can also face this due to incorrect front and rear wheels pressure. The incorrect tire pressure affects the performance and handling.

You should visit a mechanic for the proper alignment of the tires.

Furthermore, checking the pressure in the front and rear wheels is also better for smooth riding and improving handling.

Flame flexing

The wobbly movement at high speed occurs due to the bent frames of the motorcycles. Most of these vehicles are available in the market at a cheap cost.

These are manufactured with low-quality and cheaper parts to decrease their cost.

These frames do not provide a stable ride, and you can feel shaking issues while driving on roads.

The shakiness when you increase the speed for more than 80 to 90 mph. Avoid applying brakes suddenly to stop the vibrating movement.

The flexed or bent frames are replaceable, but it depends on cost-benefit calculations. Therefore, it is better to identify whether it is worth fixing it or not.

Most people avoid fixing the flexed frames because it is costly, and sometimes the issue is not resolved completely.


The overloading and uneven weight distribution on the front and rear tires of the motorcycle cause speed wobble to occur.

In addition, many people do not add passenger weight on the rear side, which leads to loss of traction issues.

The rear wheels cannot maintain contact with the road because of unequal weight distribution. As a result, the forces are shifted towards the front end and cause handlebars to shake.

The overloading affects the suspension components, disturbs the tires’ stability, and causes high-speed vibrating movement.

I always avoid overloading, which can affect the engine and other components of the motorbike.

Furthermore, distribute the passenger and other accessories’ weight equally on the front and rear sides for smooth movement.

Worn-out wheel bearings

The wheel bearing ensures the transmission of power from the engine to the wheels, maintains their contact with the road surface, and provides a smooth ride.

Due to worn-out wheel bearings, many people face wobbly movement in handlebars and their palms and shoulders.

These are also known as the swingarm bearings and attach the rear wheels to the frames. These become faulty and worn out due to corrosion on their ball bearings or rollers.

You should inspect the wheels regularly to maintain and reduce the risks of damage.

In addition, replacing the worn-out swingarm bearing is better when you feel shaking movement on hitting rough surfaces.

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