How To Charge Semi-Truck Batteries?

Semi-trucks contain 2 to 4 batteries depending on their interior components, size, and hauling capacities. They usually have 2 to 4 batteries of 12 voltage that typically require more amperage than the ones in cars.

How To Charge Semi-Truck Batteries? You can charge semi-truck batteries by selecting the suitable charger according to their capacity. Park your truck and turn off the engine and electric devices. Remove the battery cover and use the wrench to detach its negative terminal. Attach the positive terminal of the charger clamp with its positive terminal and the same with the negative terminal. Turn on the charger and remove these clamps in opposite order after recharging.

They can last 4 to 5 years when you maintain them properly. You should recharge these if the voltmeter reads less than 12.5 volts.

How do you charge semi-truck batteries?

You can use the electric chargers for charging the truck batteries. However, many people prefer to jump-start their vehicles to restore the charge, but it can affect the longevity of batteries.

Select the suitable charger

It is necessary to select the suitable and correct charge when you want to fix the dead batteries of the semi-trucks.

These are commercial vehicles and contain 2 to 4 batteries with high amperage. You cannot use the chargers designated for cars because of their low amperage.

Select the high-amperage chargers according to their types. Use devices that provide more than 1000 volts.

You should read the manual’s instructions to know about their usage, safe connections, amperage, and preventive measures for their safe use.

Park your truck

You have to park these safely and securely so they cannot disturb the traffic flow in the lanes.

Park these on the side of the road and in shady areas to avoid overheating of components. You can also select shaded parking areas or park these under trees.

It is necessary to select the leveled ground surface while doing the procedure. You cannot charge these properly when your vehicle is parked on a poorly leveled ground surface because of electrolyte imbalance.

Electrolyte imbalance can give false leads, leading to over and under-charging.

Turn off the engine and electric devices

You should shut down the engine before dealing with your semi-truck batteries. Turning off the engine is necessary to cut off the power supply and reduce electric shock risks.

You cannot touch the batteries when the engine is running because of electric shocks. Turn off the electric devices so fluctuating voltage cannot affect their performance.

Remove battery cover

Sometimes covers are present on the batteries to ensure their safety. Remove these covers by loosening the screws on the sides.

You do not have to take these out if your truck is parked at the secure and leveled ground surface.

Clean the terminals with dielectric cleaners to remove corrosion.

Connection of charger clamp

You have to connect the charging clamps with the positive or negative terminals. Remove the negative terminal and then disconnect the positive terminal. Connect the red color charging clamp with positive terminals and ensure its secure connection.

Attach the black colored clamp with the negative terminal and set the charger to the low amperage. Monitor the charging procedure and disconnect it after full charging.

You have to disconnect the clamps in reverse order. Remove the negative clamp first and then the positive clamp. Store the batteries in their specific compartment and reattach the covers.

Turn on the engine and go for a test drive of 10 to 15 minutes to check its performance.

Things to consider while charging a semi-truck battery

Charging semi-truck batteries requires special care to ensure the vehicle’s safety, and the person performing the task.

It is necessary to constantly monitor these during recharging because overcharging can affect their longevity and lead to overheating.

In addition, overcharging affects their working efficiency, and they do not hold the charge for longer. It can also cause leakage of acidic juice, which causes corrosion on their terminals.

Increased temperature because of overcharging can affect their overall shape and lead to bulging. You should maintain a safe distance between the batteries and chargers to ensure the safety of both devices.

Ensure the secure connection of the charging clamps with their positive and negative terminals for efficient power supply.

How do you know when to charge semi-truck batteries?

Connect the voltmeter with their terminals; you can see specific readings on their screen. Reading less than 12.5 shows that they need charging.

In addition, you can identify the dead ones from the engine’s performance. Dead or weaker ones cannot provide sufficient power to engine components for ignition and idling.

You can face ignition and stalling issues because insufficient power leads to slow engine cranking. Moreover, modern and newer models of semi-trucks are equipped with warning lights and signs to alert drivers about challenging situations timely and reduce repair costs.

You should not check the engine light on your vehicles because it represents malfunctioning components in the engine compartment or hood of the truck.

I always prefer to open the hood and inspect the engine parts and batteries when checking the engine light illuminated on the dash screen while driving.

Dead batteries also affect the functioning of the electric components in the interior cabin. You cannot recharge your mobile phones or other devices because of insufficient power supply towards electric sockets.

Headlights become dim, and they can also flicker because of a loss of power supply. I also faced the headlight dimming issue while driving my semi-truck.

I checked the bulbs and electric connections, but all of these are fine. I checked the battery voltage, and it was less than 12 volts.

In addition, the touch screen can also turn off suddenly because of a decreased power supply.

The ignition switch also stops functioning, and you cannot start your vehicle. Electrolyte levels also decrease because of the presence of insufficient charge.

How long does it take to charge a semi-truck battery?

Identifying the correct time required to charge the semi-truck batteries is difficult because it depends on several factors.

They require 3 to 5 hours on average, depending on their amperage and the charger you use. The batteries that are completely dead require more time to fully function.

In addition, charging time also increases because of the capacity and amperage. The ones with more charge holding capacity and high amperage need more than 3 hours.

Some have high voltage and quickly supply the power to the batteries, and others provide low amperage and require more hours.

Moreover, some of them only 50 to 60 minutes to charge.

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