How To Do Epoxy Floor in Semi-Truck?

Many people coat their truck floors with an epoxy coat for protection and decoration. It is a synthetic resin that is easy to apply and a better option than wooden planks, which are more vulnerable to wear and tear.

How To Do Epoxy Floor in Semi-Truck? You can do the epoxy floor in a semi-truck after removing the seats and gear shifter knob. Clean the floor properly and apply degreasers. Protect the side walls with tape and fill the cracks and holes with putty. Prepare the epoxy coat by mixing the resin and hardening material and then apply a thin coat and add a second coat after drying the first one.

Many truckers nowadays add epoxy flooring because it is affordable and durable. It is an anti-slip coat that reduces the chances of injury.

How do you put an epoxy floor in a semi-truck?

Many drivers coat the truck floor with epoxy resins because it is thicker than conventional paint. Moreover, it is long-lasting and needs less maintenance. It is resistant to heavyweight and can easily handle heavy hauling materials without leaving abrasive marks on the surface.

Clear the floor

You cannot apply this without removing the seats, mats, and shifter knob.

Use the screwdriver to remove the screws mounted on the sides of the seats to secure these in their place.

Detach the shifter knob by unscrewing the nuts that are present on their lower surface. It is attached with the help of screws and nuts.

Cleaning process

Cleaning is necessary to increase the adherence of the epoxy coat. It requires proper surface preparation to enhance its longevity.

Remove the floor mat and clean the surface with detergents to remove the dust. It is necessary to remove dust, dirt, and grease residues.

You should clean their surface with high-quality degreasing detergents.

Mask the sidewalls with tape to provide protection. You can also cover the other accessories with tape or old newspaper so the epoxy coat cannot stick to them.

Filling of cracks and holes

The chassis of semi-trucks is made up of metal material, which is vulnerable to corrosion. Corrosion can produce cracks and holes in the metal material if left untreated for a long time.

It is necessary to fill these cracks and holes with putty material. Moreover, I prefer to add aluminum foil on floors before applying base coating.

Adding aluminum foil creates a solid and smooth base for their application.

Preparation of epoxy coating

You have to prepare the epoxy coating according to the instructions given in their manual. It is semi-liquid, which is thicker than normal paints.

It provides a shiny and clear appearance to the surface. It comes with two ingredients, including resins and hardening material.

You have to mix both of these components in 2:1. Add two parts of resins, mix it with one part of hardening materials, and then add other ingredients.

Application of epoxy

Stir the epoxy resin well before its application on the prepared surface. Use the brush or squeegee for the smooth application on the semi-truck floor.

Start from one corner and gently move towards the other. Apply the base coat and then dry it for 15 to 16 hours.

Do not apply the second coat immediately on the first one. Check the dryness of the first coat with your finger, and do not apply the second layer if it feels sticky.

Apply a second coat and then wait a few days for their complete drying. Check the curing time on the manual because it varies according to the product type.

Why do truckers coat your semi-truck floors with epoxy?

You can change the interior of your semi-truck by putting an epoxy coat on their flooring. Select the color and design according to your choice and interior theme. It is necessary to apply these correctly by following the manufacturer’s guidelines to make them durable and long-lasting.

Easy to clean

Drivers coat their truck floors with epoxy because these are easy to clean. Smooth surfaces are easy to clean and take less time and effort.

In addition, their surface does not contain edges and bumps that allow the dust and dirt to get stuck inside. These are better choices than mats because dust can accumulate in their fabric.

These are difficult to clean, and you cannot maintain them daily because of the hectic procedure.

Withstand harsh chemicals

Spillage of grease and other liquids on the truck floor is common. Some of these liquids contain harsh and ignitable chemicals that cause color fading and wear and tear of the material.

Mat flooring cannot withstand these harsh chemicals, which can also cause the burning of their fabric. In addition, you can also see discolored patches on their surfaces because of the spillage of several chemicals and harsh ingredients.

However, epoxy coating is the best choice because it can easily withstand harsh chemicals. The presence of larger molecules makes these coats chemical resistant, and you do not have to worry about spillages.


Epoxy flooring lasts for years without leaving abrasive marks on the surface.

These are designed to carry heavy weight without wear and tear chances. Moreover, their surface is non-porous, which makes them resistant to moisture.

Moisture cannot seep into their inner layer and cause damage. Wipe off the moisture from their surface without worrying about challenging consequences.

Customized appearance

Many people want to give their truck a customized appearance according to their choice and desire. You can change their interior appearance and add things according to your mind.

They prefer adding epoxy coats on floors because they are available in different colors and designs. Select the color and design according to your choice to give the customized appearance.

Carefully select their color and design because their removal is challenging and costly.

Disadvantages of adding epoxy flooring in a semi-truck

Many truckers do not like epoxy floor because it is sensitive to changes in temperature. It starts melting and sticking to the other surfaces during hot weather.

You can face issues in the summer because of the hot weather, which reduces their longevity.

In addition, melting issues can also occur because of the overheating of engine parts.

Many people do not put these coats on commercial vehicles because of their longer cure time. They usually require days to several weeks to dry, affecting your hauling schedules.

You cannot bound your vehicle for 3 to 4 days because it can affect the delivery of materials to different places. It also becomes faded because of exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

It is difficult and costly to remove, so you must correctly select their design and color. I also saw a truck with an epoxy floor of blue color, and it looked outstanding and hygienic because of its shiny surface.

How much does it cost to add epoxy floor in semi-trucks?

The cost required for their installation is $5 to $8 per square foot. Mostly, semi-trucks have floor space of about 350 sq. ft. to 400 sq. ft.

A semi-truck with 360 sq. ft of floor space costs approximately $1800 for epoxy coating. The average cost can also vary according to the type and quality of the coat you are using for this purpose.

You have to spend $12 to $15 per square foot if you get help from a professional.

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