How To Clean Semi-Truck Floor?

Semi-truck floors get dirty because of dust and contaminants on their surface. Spillage of chemical-based substances leaves stains and greasy residues. It is necessary to clean these with non-abrasive cleaners and soft cloth.

How To Clean Semi-Truck Floor? You can clean the semi-truck floor by vacuuming its surface to remove dust and debris from edges and corners. Wipe off the surface with a wet cloth to remove dusty material. Inspect the type of floor, including epoxy, rubber, or vinyl, and select the suitable cleaners. Apply the cleaners, remove stains, and clean the surface with tap water.

You should clean it because a dirty interior gives your truck a bad appearance and compromises the hygienic conditions.

How do you clean a semi-truck floor?

Truck owners are concerned about the cleanliness of their vehicles because they have to spend most of their time there. In addition, a clean interior gives your vehicle a cool and brand-new appearance. Dust and debris from dirty floors can also affect the other components’ normal functioning.

Vacuuming and mat removal

Fabric mats on the semi-truck floor enhance the interior appearance. You have to remove these mats to clean underneath surfaces.

Some of these mats are attached with gluing material and are slightly difficult to remove. Many people add mats to hide the metal frame that is present underneath.

Collect the larger garbage items with your hands. Vacuum cleaners can easily remove the dust and debris from hidden corners and edges.

Use vacuum cleaners with long wires so they can access every part of the interior cabin. One of my friends used the hairdryer because a vacuum cleaner was not available at his home.

Wipe off with a wet cloth

You have to wipe off their surface with a wet cloth. I always keep the mop in my semi-truck to wipe the interior cabin.

You can use a wet mop to wipe off their surface and remove the dust residues. It is also better to use a wet towel because it is soft and cannot produce scratch marks on their surfaces.

Many truckers also wipe these with microfiber cloth, wet tissues, and leather wipes because of their absorbent properties and soft texture.

Clean from the sides of the driver’s seat and under the surface under the dashboard. Properly wipe off the area around the brake pedals, accelerator, and clutch.

Inspection of floor

Semi-truck floors are of different types, including rubber, vinyl, epoxy, and wooden planks. You have to inspect their manufacturing material before applying cleaning tools and detergents.

Truckers also add different floors as an aftermarket addition according to their ease and give a customized appearance.

Many drivers add epoxy resins because they can withstand harsh chemicals and are slip-resistant, moisture-resistant, and long-lasting.

Selection of cleaning agent and tools

You have to select the cleaning tools and suitable detergents according to the type of cleaners. You cannot use harsh cleaners on epoxy, vinyl, and wooden planks because they cause degradation and discoloration of these materials.

It is better to use all-purpose cleaners or dishwashing detergents for their washing. Select cleaners free from ammonia-based chemicals because these can also leave the toxic fumes inside.

Use the products according to the instructions that are mentioned in their package. Use the microfiber cloth, wet towels, and leather wipes for scrubbing epoxy and vinyl surfaces because these cannot withstand harsh rubbing.

You can use bristled brushes for rubber flooring because of their bumpy surface. I prefer to apply the degreasing agent to remove the greasy residues that make their surface slippery.

Removal of stains

Stains of eatables and leaking fluids are also common in these vehicles. Some of these stains are stubborn and need special treatment for their removal.

I saw the grease stain on the truck’s surface and used a mixture of vinegar and rubbing alcohol to remove it. I mixed the rubbing alcohol and vinegar in an equal ratio and dipped the microfiber cloth.

Scrub the dipped cloth on the treated surface, and you can see amazing results.

Application of cleaning product

Apply the selected cleaning products after stain removal. Avoid direct application of this detergent because heavy moisture is difficult to wipe off and can damage the metal components.

I prefer to use the spray bottle for the application of detergents. In addition, you can also pour these detergents on the cloth or towel and then apply clean the floor with these towels or cloth.

Wipe off the detergents with a wet cloth or mop for washing purposes. One of my friends told me he usually uses the disinfecting solution over the floors after washing to ensure hygienic conditions.

Things to consider

You should inspect the type of floor before selecting the detergents for them. You should not apply ammonia-based and abrasive detergents because they cause color-fading issues.

I do not prefer bristled brushes on epoxy and vinyl-based surfaces because they leave scratches and scuff marks, which look bad.

Use the cleaning tools according to the flooring types to ensure their safety and reduce damage. Wipe off the detergents with tap water to remove residues of cleaning detergents.

Properly dry the surfaces after completing the washing procedure.

How do you keep semi-truck floors clean?

You can reduce the deep cleaning effort by cleaning the floors regularly. You can keep these neat and well-maintained by regular vacuuming.

I prefer to use the long wire vacuum so they can also reach the parts that are hard to access. Vacuum the mats regularly because their fabric material catches more dust from the surroundings.

Keep your shoes clean, and do not enter inside with dirty shoes. Remove the dried mud from the shoes while entering inside.

Apply a wet mop regularly if truck floors are made of rubber, epoxy, or vinyl materials. Keep the windows closed while moving on off-roads. Dispose of the wrappers in garbage disposable bins that come your way.

How much does it cost to clean a semi-truck floor?

It depends on the detergent type and method you adopt for removing dust and garbage from the interior compartment.

However, on average, you require approximately $100 to $200 for their cleaning, which varies according to the cleaning tools, detergents, and interior dimensions.

Many people prefer to get help from semi-truck cleaning services instead of washing them alone. These services cost according to your location and extent of cleanliness.

You have to pay $100 to $150 to these cleaning services representatives. The average time required for vacuuming, washing, and stain removal is about 39 to 40 minutes, depending on your experience and the condition of the interior cabin.

How often to clean the semi-truck floor?

Cleaning reduces the chances of slipping and removes the garbage from the driver compartment.

Removing the dust and debris from the interior cabin once a week is necessary. In addition, I prefer deep cleaning twice a year, which includes removing seats and other accessories so you can access the hidden parts.

You have to clean the floors twice a week if semi-trucks are used frequently for hauling. In addition, you have to wipe their surface frequently when moving on poorly gravel roads, which allows dust and debris to enter.

Moreover, cleaning practices also depend on the type of flooring. Fabric mats catch dirt, and you must wash them frequently because of their surface’s clear dust marks.

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