How to Troubleshoot Tiffin Motorhome Electric Slide Out?

Tiffin motorhomes are of superior quality and have a luxurious appearance. These contain electrical and hydraulic retractable slide outs to increase space for people.

How to Troubleshoot Tiffin Motorhome Electric Slide Out? You can troubleshoot Tiffin motorhome electric slide out by checking its electric problem, jamming issues, slide switch, and fuses. In addition, it is also necessary to inspect the breakers, power supply, and owner manual when you see malfunctioning in any of its components. 

The chances of electric slide-out failure are more because of their delicate components and many electric connections.

Problems Troubleshooting
Check electric problems Check wiring connections and damaged wires
Jamming issue Lubricate the motor and its components
Broken slide switch Replace the broken slide out switch and reconnect its electric connections
Blown-out fuse Install a new fuse and turn on the tripped breaker
Power supply issues Charge the batteries fully
Operating issues Read operating instructions

Check electric problems

You cannot open and close the Tiffin motorhome electric slide out because of its electrical problems.

These contain the electric control panel for their forward and backward motion. The control panel suddenly stops responding if there is an issue with the electrical system.

Several wires are in them that supply the power to control the system’s functioning. Therefore, inspecting the cables and replacing the damaged and frayed wirings is better.

The wires are thin and can easily bend and break due to the little stress and weight of the slide’s components.

The connections of the wires also become loose because of the frequent movement and their long-term use.

The poorly connected wires cannot power the control panel for proper functioning. Inspect the cables carefully and replace the damaged or bent wires with new ones.

It is better to tighten the loose connections by fastening the screws of the connecting points.

Inspect jamming issue

The people also face shaky movement and jamming of electric slide-outs because of their poor internal and sliding rails.

Most of the time, hard particles get stuck on the railing system and cause jamming issues. Moreover, the rusty components also cause hindrances in their movement.

You can inspect the jamming issues by checking the location of the motor. The company provides the owner’s manual with different instructions and locations of its various components.

You can read the manual to find the location of the motor in Tiffin motorhomes and access their parts. Then, clean the dust and debris from the gears and clutch using a dry cloth.

It is also necessary to use a suitable lubricant to grease these parts for the smooth functioning of the motor without causing any jamming problems.

Moreover, you can also see blockage when something gets stuck in the motor’s inner components and hinders its normal functioning.

Inspect the internal motor components and remove every little dust particle from them. Then, you can fix the jamming issue by clearing the rust on the metal parts.

Use the wire brush to scrap off the rust from the metal parts and lubricate them to prevent further corrosion.

Spray the lubricant on moving parts of the motor, including the clutch and gear, for their movement.

The jamming issue comes due to the failure of the motor, and you can ensure working by connecting the voltmeter.

Check slide switch

Tiffin motorhomes contain the operating switches for the functioning of the slide outs. The one switch controls the on and off features when you push them in and out.

These switches become faulty due to poor maintenance and improper handling and cannot operate their respective components.

You can inspect the switch by checking its moving springs. Replace the springs if they lose their flexibility and break.

Sometimes the switches also break due to frequent use, and you have to replace them.

You can replace the broken switches by installing new ones and reconnecting their wires. Sometimes the connecting wires become loose, and you cannot see the movement of slides after pressing the switches.

You can check the wires and power supply by disconnecting the switches. Turn off the power supply and open them by removing its screws.

Reconnect the wires or tighten the ones that have loose connections. Reinstall the switches and tighten the mounting screws.

In addition, check the functioning of the switch and power supply by inspecting the other switches in the motorhomes. There is an issue with their connections when other interior switches are working fine.

Replace fuses and breakers

The fuses and breakers control the power supply to these slide-outs. The blown-out fuse cannot supply the power, and you cannot operate them.

Inspect the fuses of the RV when slide outs are not working after pressing their switches. Locate the fuse box, and you can see all the fuses there.

Sometimes one of the fuses blows out because of its poor installation and power supply surge. You can identify a blown-out fuse because of its slight brownish color.

Remove the blown-out fuse and install the new ones there. Check the fuse ampere while selecting the new ones and match it with the previous fuse.

In addition, avoid touching them with dirty fingers because it can increase the chances of their blowout. Check the functioning of slides after replacing the fuse.

You can troubleshoot their issues by checking the circuit breakers. Access the circuit breakers in the RVs and check their switches.

The tripped breakers hinder the voltage supply to the electric switches. Turn on the breakers if these are tripped and causing hindrances in normal functioning.

Ensure power supply 

The motorhomes contain the engines that are responsible for the working of its various electric equipment.

The batteries supply power to the slide out motors for their retraction. Check the charging of the batteries and ensure that these supply enough power for the working of motors.

It is also necessary to check the batteries’ terminals to ensure they are not corroded or have loose connections.

Remove the corrosion from battery terminals using a vinegar solution. Then, tighten the loose terminals so they can supply sufficient voltage to run electric equipment.

Ensure the full charging of the battery by connecting it with generators and shore power. It is also better to inspect the functioning of generators for proper charging of batteries.

You can also detect weak and dead batteries by taking the reading on voltmeters after connecting them with the battery.

Checking owner manual

The owner manual gives complete guidelines about the functioning of various components with the pictorial presentation.

All the slide-outs have different operating requirements depending on their types and internal parts.

For example, some of them have a hydraulic system, and others are equipped with an electrical pinion and gear system.

People often face difficulty operating these because they lack knowledge about their operating system and its requirement.

These electric slide outs do not move when you do not follow the correct operating requirement. Read the manual and get complete guidelines from them about their operating system.

The manual also gives instructions about how to operate and maintain them.

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