Where is the Reset Button on a Suburban RV Furnace?

The suburban company manufactures furnaces of RVs that have durable and less noise-producing. Many RV manufacturing industries use their equipment for installation in their rigs.

Where is the Reset Button on a Suburban RV Furnace? The reset button on a Suburban RV is red or yellow and is located near the blower motor chambers. These are present at some distance from the blower motors, and you can identify them because of their color.

These rest buttons in the furnaces are the safety equipment that prevents damage after detecting unusual changes in internal components.

Where is the reset button located on a Suburban RV furnace?

It is crucial for people to know the location of the Suburban RV furnace reset button because these keep tripping and turning off the heating system.

The tripping of switches makes you aware of the risk of damage to their parts. These types contain two lower motors; one is under the hood, while the other is in the combustion chamber.

Both of these motors have different functions according to their specific locations. You can find the reset buttons near the blower motors chambers.

These are present at some distance to reduce the risk of damage from these motors. You can identify them from their colors which are red and yellow.

These are red or yellow, depending on the model of the furnaces.

How do you reset the Suburban RV furnace?

It is necessary to turn off the propane gas supply from the furnace and close the propane valve. Moreover, turn off the furnace from the main circuit breakers of the RVs.

Change the temperature of these heating elements using the thermostat. Set the temperature at the lowest range for its cooling.

Wait for a few minutes after setting the temperature low on the thermostat. Avoid touching it quickly after temperature adjustment because it can burn your hand.

Press this reset button and you have to hold it for 25 to 30 seconds for the resetting procedure. Slightly raise the temperature of the thermostat while pressing this button.

You can perform the same procedure with electric-type furnaces but do not forget to cut the power supply to prevent electric shocks.

Why would you reset the Suburban RV furnace?

It is necessary to troubleshoot the reset button of the suburban RV furnaces if they keep tripping because of damaged components and error codes. You cannot turn them on, or these cannot blow the warm air if their reset button is tripped.

Temperature fluctuations

Overheating is a common issue in this heating equipment because of clogged air filters.

The fluctuating temperature and disturbance from their normal range can damage its various component, and it is necessary to shut them off quickly.

The reset button performs this safety measure and shuts them off by tripping. Overheating comes when heat filters cannot reduce the excessive heat from the combustion chamber.

These cannot remove the heat because of clogging problems. The blockage of air filters occurs due to the accumulation of dust and dirt particles.

Moreover, poor maintenance of filters and cleaning increases the risk of overheating.

You can reduce the overheating problem and pressure on the furnace by cleaning the HVAC system and replacing the air filters.

Blocked air circulation valves

The vents are present in these heating systems to reduce the chances of overheating and keep them cool for their better functioning.

The rest buttons trip quickly when they detect high-temperature from the optimal range. The blocked vents cause poor air circulation and removal of heat.

The air circulation valves can also clog due to dust, dirt, and poor cleaning. Many times people do not maintain these components and use them continuously. As a result, the furnace fan runs, but no heat.

The constant negligence and no cleaning for a longer time clog these air circulation valves. You can resolve the problem by clearing the air vents before proceeding with the resetting procedure.

You can keep them from tripping by clearing the vents; otherwise, these can shut down frequently and irritates you during the trips.

Low gas level

Tripping is common in electrical and propane-driven Suburban furnaces because of their low levels.

These safety measures warn people that their tank is out of gas or that batteries are not fully charged. These cannot run properly when no electrical supply or batteries are weak and not charged fully.

You can see a sudden shutdown when the propane levels are lower in the tank. It indicates that you have to refill the tank for their proper movement.

The circuit controller board cannot trigger the direct spark ignition system to produce warm air when the tank has low propane levels.

You can resolve the problem by checking the power supply and charging of batteries. Replace the dead batteries because these do not hold a charge anymore.

Refill the tanks with propane according to their certain level.

How do you find a reset button in the Suburban RV furnace?

The location of the reset button is different in different types of RVs and their types of furnaces.

Different RV manufacturing companies use various brands of components according to their durability and cost.

Different companies also manufacture furnaces, and one of the reliable brands is suburban. Many brands follow complex procedures for this procedure, which takes effort and time.

The simple reset buttons are also absent in most of this equipment, and you have to perform the long procedures to remove the error codes and for their smooth working.

You can locate the reset button in these heating systems by reading the owner manual’s instructions. However, it is also better to see the diagrams and pictures for better understanding and complete knowledge.

Some people cannot find or understand their location after searching it from a manual and seeing pictures. In this situation, it is better to call the expert mechanic because they know more about every component.

Moreover, you can also take help from the dealerships for better knowledge.

How often to reset the Suburban RV furnace?

There is no specific time for its resetting procedure to keep its parts functional. The safety equipment can make people aware of the risk of damage.

The tripped switch shows that they have some issue, and you have to identify it. The resetting procedure depends on the extent of damaged components of the furnace and their severity.

It is better to first reset the tripped button when you face any issue with its components. This is because most problems are due to error codes and the constant running of devices instead of damaged external components.

It is not good to hire a mechanic when you see any issue with them because it can charge extra money to you.

Instead, perform the resetting procedure at home when you notice a sudden shutdown of Suburban RV furnaces. Call the professionals if the situation persists after this procedure, and it keeps tripping.

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