How to Turn Off Front Radar Obstruction on Nissan Armada?

Radar sensors, along with cameras, work with the security systems of the Nissan Armada. Forward collision warning, cruise control, forward emergency braking system, and automatic braking system use these sensors and cameras for safe driving.

How to Turn Off Front Radar Obstruction on Nissan Armada? You can turn off the front radar obstruction warning sign on Nissan Armada by cleaning the radar sensors, properly aligning them, changing the paint coat on the bumper, replacing the sensors, checking their wires, and restarting the SUV.

Radar obstruction is the warning sign on your screen to alert you that the SUV’s automatic system is malfunctioning, and you must drive carefully.

Why does the front radar obstruction warning sign come on a Nissan Armada?

Ignoring the warning sign is not suitable because you cannot enjoy the driving assist feature in your vehicle. You have to drive carefully on the road to avoid collisions and accidental risks.

Dirty radar sensors

You can get the warning sign on your screen because of dirty radar sensors. These do not detect the presence of objects and forwarding vehicles to activate the driver assist features.

The dirt accumulates on their surface, reducing their radio waves and emitting power for detecting different objects on the road. Dust and dirt can accumulate on these devices when you do not keep them clean.

In addition, the issue also comes when you drive them on dirt roads. Unpaved and off roads contain more dust because these are not appropriately graveled.

Dust comes on them when you drive your SUVs on off-roads. It is necessary to keep them clean for their proper functioning.

Misalignment or broken sensor

The warning message pops up on your screen when you turn on the ignition of your Nissan Armada. You cannot use the driver assist feature because of the misalignment of radar sensors.

These do not emit radio waves and detect the presence of objects when they are broken. These are the sensitive parts, and small bumps can lead to their breaking. The issue comes from mild accidental cases and sudden collisions with the front bumper.

The alignment becomes bad, and these can break even when the cycle collides with the vehicle’s front end. Moreover, these can also break when small pebbles from poorly graveled roads hit them.

Sunlight obstruction

Front radar sensors also stop functioning because of sunlight obstruction. The system displays the unavailable radar obstruction message on your screen because of poor detection.

Radiations from the sunlight cause obstruction in their normal functioning. Radio waves cannot identify the objects on the road when sunlight directly hits them.

People mostly face the issue during the day and in the summer because sunlight is more there.

Decreased visibility on the road

The inclined weather conditions decrease the road’s visibility, and the radar sensors cannot detect the other vehicles on the road and measure the distance between them.

Radar obstruction unavailable warning message comes on your screen during the foggy, rainy, and stormy season because of decreased road visibility.

Moreover, during the snowy season, snow particles also come on their surface and cause hindrance in emitting radio waves. In addition, the issue also comes when you drive on muddy roads, which causes mud splashes to come on these devices.

Rain droplets during driving in rainy weather affect their normal functioning.

Paint coating on the bumper

People want to coat the Nissan Armada plastic bumpers with colorful paints to give them an aesthetic and cool appearance. Painting procedures can create more mess rather than providing the benefit when you do not do this correctly.

People also perform the paint job when they sell their SUVs or purchase them second-hand from the market to give them a fresh and new appearance.

Paint splashes during bumper painting can also come on these sensors, which hinders their normal functioning. You can see the front radar obstruction unavailable message on your dash screen because of paint marks on their respective sensors.

Software and electrical issues

The radar sensors are cameras on the front bumper of the Nissan Armada and are connected to the computerized system through a couple of wires.

These signal the forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking systems for their correct functioning and decrease accidents.

The drive assist feature stops functioning when not transmitting the signals to the control unit. The signal transmission issue comes because of broke and incorrect wiring between their components.

The driver assists features do not receive the correct information from these sensors because of software glitches and faulty electronic control modules.

How do you turn off front radar obstruction on a Nissan Armada?

Turning off the front radar obstruction warning from your SUV is necessary to enjoy the driver assist feature for comfortable driving on roads.

Clear the obstruction

It is necessary to clear the obstruction from these sensors so they can work properly. Keep them clean and schedule the monthly washing service to remove the accumulated dust from different components.

Moreover, you can also use a dry and clean cloth to remove the dust from their surfaces. Use the slightly wet rag if you see mud splashes on their surface.

You can use the specialized sprays to remove the paint splashes from their surfaces that usually come during the bumper painting procedure.

Apply a thin paint coat of light shades on the bumper so they cannot obstruct them. You can also coat them with water-repellent sprays so moisture droplets cannot cause problems.

Remove the snow accumulation from different parts if you live in areas where the temperature drops extremely in winter.

Check electric wiring

The wirings that connect these sensors with the computerized system of your Nissan Armada become faulty. The bad wiring does not transmit signals to driving assist features so they can apply the brakes and maintain the proper distance from the other cars on the road.

Inspecting these wirings when you see a warning message while starting your engine is necessary.

The wiring system is complex, and you cannot detect the problems yourself. It is better to call the mechanic at home and take your SUV to the dealerships for a wiring inspection.

Replace the broken and short-circuited electrical wires connecting these sensors with a computerized system with new ones to fix the front radar obstruction warning.

Restart the SUV

Sometimes the warning message comes from a random error, which will disappear when you restart your Nissan Armada. Turn off the ignition, remove the key to stop the engine and other functions.

Wait a few minutes to reset the system, and do not turn them on. Put the key in the ignition switch and press the start button to turn on and ignite the engine.

You can see that message disappears from the screen, and all features work fine. Go for a few miles for a test drive to ensure the functioning of the cruise control and forward collision warning system.

Replace sensors

Sometimes the front radar obstruction unavailable message comes on screen because of poorly aligned and broken sensors. You can realign the sensors by checking their position on the front bumper.

It is necessary to replace the sensors for the correct functioning of driver assist features. It is a costly and complex procedure, and you cannot perform it at home.

You require approximately $800 to $1200 for their replacement. Moreover, the replacement cost also varies depending on the labor cost and quality of the new sensors.

What does front radar obstruction mean on a Nissan Armada?

Radar sensors and cameras are located on the front bumper of the vehicles for safe driving. These aid in functioning security systems, including cruise control, automatic braking, and forward emergency braking systems.

These tiny devices emit radio waves to measure the distance between the heading cars and activate the automatic system on Nissan Armada to apply brakes accordingly.

In addition, these also detect the presence of other objects on the roads, including hurdles, potholes, and pedestrians. Sometimes you can see the message “front radar obstruction unavailable” on your screen when you start the SUV engine.

It shows that driving assist features are not functioning because of obstruction and malfunctioning radar sensors and front cameras.

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