What Does Security Indicator Light Mean on Nissan Rogue?

Nissan Rogue is a reliable SUV with comfortable interior and exterior features. It comes up with high-end security and safety features to satisfy its customers and keep their vehicles safe.

What Does Security Indicator Light Mean on Nissan Rogue? The security indicator light on a Nissan Rogue means that the immobilizer and the anti-theft system are active. Sometimes the light also illuminates because of malfunctioning the immobilizer system, key issues, battery failure, outdoor cars, visitors, and rustling of trees and leaves. You can turn off this light by using the key and panic button of the SUV.

It provides safety to your SUV when you park them outside and prevents them from thieves. The red light indicates two major security systems of Nissan Rogue: vehicle security and immobilizer system.

What is the Security Indicator Light on Nissan Rogue?

Security indicator lights are the high-end safety feature usually present in modern and luxurious SUVs to protect them from theft. These are costly, and it is necessary to keep them away from the reach of robbers because these are costly.

The light turns on when you turn off the ignition switch and engine. It represents the activation of the anti-theft and immobilizer system for safety purposes.

You can see the light on the dashboard screen with other others and lights. These are represented by a vehicle with a key sign on its wheels side.

The sign also varies depending on the model of the Nissan Rogue and sometimes is only represented by the lock sign. The security indicator light sign is usually red to dark orange.

The red indicator light only comes when you turn off the ignition and lock the doors. Sometimes, these also come on when you start your SUV and turn on the ignition.

It represents the faults in automobiles and immobilizer security systems.

What does the security indicator light represent in Nissan Rogue?

Many people do not know about the immobilizer devices installed in their Nissan Rogue. They get worried when they see the blinking of the red indicator light on the dashboard after locking.

Malfunctioning of the immobilizer system

The indicator usually goes off when you insert the ignition key and start the engine. Many people complain that the red light remains illuminated when they start the engine.

The illuminated red light indicates the malfunctioning of the immobilizer system and other components of your SUVs. The immobilizer system is a built-in device in most modern automobiles to protect them from robberies.

Installation of these active devices reduces vehicle theft cases globally. It signals through the key fob, and the alarm also starts making a noise when someone tries to start the engine and access your SUV.

The immobilizer system allows you to start the engine with the recognized key. It prevents the engine from igniting when you use incorrect and incompatible keys with them.

Immobilizer systems become faulty because of the bad control unit. The system also stops functioning because of dead key fob batteries.

Moreover, bad and corroded wires also make the immobilizer control unit faulty, and these do not function anymore. When engine immobilizers become faulty, you can also face issues in starting, locking, and locking your SUVs.

Activation of anti-theft system

Red light with a combination of a car and a key sign on the dashboard indicates the activation of the anti-theft system. An anti-theft system is installed in luxurious SUVs to prevent them from stealing because these are costly.

When you lock the doors of your Nissan Rogue and turn off the ignition, the security indicator light comes on your dashboard screen. These remain illuminated to make e the drivers satisfied that their vehicle is safe in the parking area.

These devices contain small chips that prevent the engine from starting through unrecognized keys. Moreover, these work with an alarm system that produces a loud sound when detecting illegal activity.

The anti-theft system works with sensors that depict unnecessary movement in the interior cabin and trigger the alarm sounds to make the drivers aware.

Key issues

This warning light represents malfunctioning in the system and using an unrecognized key.

It shows that you are using the wrong key to start the ignition, which is not compatible with the system of your Nissan Rogue. The problem comes when you use the wrong key or the key of other vehicles to start them.

Moreover, the problem also comes because of corroded and slightly damaged keys. The system does not recognize them because of broken parts and rust on their surface.

Clean the key and then insert them again in the ignition switch. You can also turn off the SUV and then turn it on again to restart the system and turn off the light.

Battery failure

Batteries power your SUVs’ electric components, which can also become dead and weak after a few years. The batteries can only run for 5 to 6 years if you maintain them properly.

The security indicator light keeps flashing on your screen after unlocking the door and turning on the ignition system. The red light with the car and key sign blinks on your screen because of weak batteries.

The engine immobilizer security system does not detect the key because of the weak batteries.

Outdoor cars and visitors 

The security system detects the motion of objects that are present nearby and turns on the flashlight.

The warning signal is illuminated when other road cars pass through them. The system detects the vibration and motion of nearby vehicles and activates the security system.

In addition, these also illuminate when visitors and pedestrians accidentally touch the exterior side and pass through them. These high-end safety systems decrease people’s stress and park them easily in outdoor spaces without fear of thieves.

Rustling of trees and leaves

Nissan Rogue’s vehicle security system detects the motion of the surrounding objects and the little sounds that they produce. The security indicator light flashes on your screen when you are sitting inside the SUV because of the motion of nearby objects.

It illuminates when you park them near the trees and plants. The rustling sound of leaves and trees in your surrounding activate the anti-theft system, and you can see a warning sign on the screen.

There is no need to restart the system to turn them off because these can go on their own when you move away from these specific locations.

How do you turn off the security indicator light on a Nissan Rogue?

You can turn off the security indicator light using the ignition key. Use the correct ignition key specific to this SUV, and avoid using the wrong ones.

Insert the ignition key and turn it on right side. Keep the ignition key in the same direction for 5 to 6 minutes.

You can see the light turns off, and it also causes your Nissan Rogue to start. You can also use the ignition switch and turn it ON.

Leave the ignition switch in the on position for 4 to 5 minutes and then turn them off. Repeat the same procedure to restart the engine immobilizer system and turn off the light on your screen.

You can also restart the immobilizer security system to turn off the illuminated sign. Use the right-side panic button and press and hold it for 2 to 3 seconds.

Does the security indicator light on a Nissan Rogue drain battery?

The anti-theft security system’s wiring and alarm in Nissan Rogue are directly connected to the batteries. The system also takes energy from the batteries to illuminate the sign on the dashboard screen.

These do not drain or weaken the batteries because they take low energy from them. These are low-energy consuming systems and cannot make them dead.

These are known as a parasitic system that slowly drains the batteries when your SUV is turned off. The issue with the battery occurs when these keep illuminated on the screen because of a fault immobilizer system. In addition, these also drain the battery when the alarm keeps ringing.

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