What Do You Wear Under a Motorcycle Helmet?

Many people complain about the smell of their motorcycle helmets, which can also compromise their cleanliness. You can wear different fabric materials to create a barrier between your skin parts and a padded sheet.

What Do You Wear Under a Motorcycle Helmet? You can wear a balaclava, bandanas, helmet liner, headbands, and cycling caps under a motorcycle helmet. These are helpful to tuck long hair, prevent pressure points, protect the hot and cold environment, keep your hair fresh, prevent helmet pad wear and tear, and reduce stinky odors. Avoid wearing caps, hats, and baseball caps under them.

It is good to wear something under a helmet to reduce the inconveniences during riding. In addition, it makes the long-riding experiences comfortable during summer and winter.

What do people wear under a motorcycle helmet?

You can wear different things under a motorcycle helmet to keep yourself safe from climatic changes.


It is a close-fitting fabric that is helpful to cover your neck and face completely. People mostly expose their mouths while wearing this stuff.

These protect against changes in climatic conditions. In addition, these benefit the hot and cold environments because they keep your neck safe.

In addition, the close-fitted fabric also reduces the wind noise during riding at high speed, which is dangerous for people and affects their hearing power.

In addition, dust from the roads cannot enter your nostrils and cause irritating reactions. You can find them in the market in different colors and sizes and select them according to your head size.


It is a cloth you can tie on your head before wearing a motorcycle helmet. It is a cheap solution for a comfortable riding experience.

The square-shaped cloth comes in different colors, sizes, and fabrics. These are thick, so they can absorb the sweat from the hair and prevent it from entering your eyes during riding.

The cotton material is best for bandanas because these are highly absorbent and provide insulating action according to weather conditions.

Selecting breathable or synthetic fabrics to withstand severe environmental conditions is necessary.

Helmet liner

I prefer to wear the helmet liner because its slippery texture gives the best riding experience. In addition, these are cheaper, and you can find them from the local stores at a good price.

These are available in different colors, but people prefer black, so dust and sweat stains do not become prominent.

These are also made of plastic material that is fitted inside the metal helmets for the safety of people. In addition, you can also wear them, and they are made of stiff fabric to increase their durability.

Expanded polyurethane is used to manufacture them, reducing their overall weight and increasing their market demand.

Headbands and cycling caps

Headbands and cycling caps are suitable for people with long hair so they cannot disturb you during motorcycle riding. In addition, you can match handbags with your dress for a cool appearance.

Moreover, you can also use a neck gaiter instead of the headbands. It protects your neck from hot and cold air and ties your hair properly.

Many people also prefer a headscarf of flexible material and cycling caps for protection.

Cotton fabric headscarves are best during summer because they absorb moisture, and you cannot feel warm.

Why would you wear something under a motorcycle helmet?

It is necessary to wear something under your motorcycle helmets to extend their longevity and keep them clean for longer. These are also beneficial for people with scalp heads because the hard and stiff material cannot irritate your scalp.

Tuck long hair

People wear different types of headbands, scarves, and caps to cover their heads before wearing a motorcycle. These are essential for female riders having long hair and cause disturbance while riding a motorbike.

You do not need to use anything when your hair is short and cannot cause any interruption. Long hair can come into your mouth because of high wind pressure and cause disturbance.

It can also lead to an accident because people grab the handle with one hand and set their hair with others. In addition, you cannot maintain stability by holding the motorcycle handle with one hand.

In addition, hair can also come into your eyes and cause irritation, affecting smooth and stable riding.

Protect pressure points

Motorcycle helmets are made of hard and stiff materials that affect your pressure points. Therefore, you cannot ride comfortably because of the pressure on these points.

You can wear soft and comfortable material to relieve these pressure points. Fabric material acts as the barrier between the hard material and pressure points.

You cannot feel irritated and enjoy your trip comfortably. Moreover, these are tight and compress your skin which leads to headaches.

Pressure on these points also decreases the blood flow, and you feel pain in your head.

Protect from hot and cold air

You can protect your neck and mouth from the cold and hot environment by wearing something under a helmet. These fabric materials block the points from where the air comes inside.

These keep you warm in winter by providing insulating properties. In addition, the cotton fabric balaclava is best for summer because it keeps your head cold.

In addition, warm air cannot come in contact with your neck, leading to skin burns. You can select different balaclava materials to protect your neck and head from harsh weather conditions.

Keep your hair fresh

Most of the time, you experience messy hair after taking off the helmet from your head.

Your hair looks sticky because of these safety items’ sweating and warm fabric. It can also ruin your hairstyle when you take them off after traveling a long distance and reaching your destination.

You can keep your hair fresh and maintain the style by wearing something that causes a barrier between the hair and stiff material.

The fabric balaclava and caps also absorb sweat and keep your hair fresh.

Prevent wear and tear of helmet pads

Motorcycle helmets contain padded material on their inner side to prevent shocks during road accidents. The washable material is easy to clean with detergents to reduce bacterial growth.

Bacteria come on them, and you can feel stinky odors while using them. The issue comes when they absorb sweat from your neck and hair during warm weather.

Sweat smell and moisture cause bacterial growth on this padded material. Moreover, these also become dirty when exposed to skin oils and other skin products.

The padded sheet absorbs the body oil and skin care products which can make them dirty. Moreover, hairspray and gels can also enter these sheets, making them dirty and smelly.

It is essential to wear something under helmets to keep the padded sheets from wear and tear, which occurs when these come in exposure to hair sprays and skin products.

You can keep them clean and extend their life by wearing fabric caps, scarves, and liners.

What things you should not wear under a motorcycle helmet?

Avoid using caps that have the front hat. These caps reduce the proper contact between the motorcycle helmets and your head skin. As a result, the safety items can come off your head quickly during road accidents and increase the chance of injury.

Moreover, avoid using hats because their extended boundaries also cause hindrances in the proper fixing. I do not prefer to wear baseball caps because of their metal grooves and ends.

The raised steel balls also raise the helmet from the head, increasing the accidental damage chance. Steel balls also lead to their poor fixing and non-stabilized structure.

In addition, it also leaves the sides of your head unprotected because of raised upper end. Avoid wearing any heavy jewelry in your ears because it causes difficulty to put and take off from your head.

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