How to Make a Motorcycle Seat More Comfortable?

Many people complain that their motorcycle seats are not comfortable, which leads to back pain and buttock rashes. The issue occurs because of their size, manufacturing material, and sharp edges.

How to Make a Motorcycle Seat More Comfortable? You can make motorcycle seats more comfortable by using neoprene seats, tucking old cushions and towels, using an old mattress, soft rugs, gel pads, and wood bead rags. Moreover, you can also install a backrest, use baby powder, add padded shorts, seat pads, and sheepskin covers to make them comfortable.

Taking a long ride on motorcycles with less comfortable seats is highly unpleasant. It is the limiting factor for long rides, irritating riders and making them tired.

Use neoprene seats

You can achieve comfort during long rides by replacing low-quality seats with high-quality neoprene rubber material.

Remove the old covers using the knives and cutters to install new ones. Neoprene is the best material, and it last longer.

It is a high-quality synthetic rubber material that provides more flexibility. In addition, the extra pad of the rubber material helps to absorb the shocks that come from high impacts on the road.

I also replaced my old motorbike cover with a neoprene one, which relieves pressure points for better blood flow in the buttock area.

These do not absorb heat from the environment, and you can easily park outside. In addition, these do not become hot, and you cannot feel the heat during long rides.

These are the best choice for summers because of their less heat-absorbing properties. These last longer because heat and lighting cannot affect their color and rubber material.

Tuck old cushions and towels

It is a home-based and cost-effective method to make your motorcycle seats comfortable. These are the best choice if you want more softness to absorb shocks and vibrations.

You can use the old cushions and towels that are mostly present in your homes. Moreover, old cushions and towels are also helpful in readjusting the seat position according to your comfort level and body shape.

You can tuck them on the side where you want to raise the height. Put the cushions on the required area and use the string to tie them on the lower side of the vehicle.

You can sew them on the seats because their foam provides the padded action. In addition, towels contain soft fibers that can reduce the friction between the buttock and rubber material, and you feel soft and cozy seats during the ride.

Many people do not prefer to adjust them permanently because different people use the same vehicle. Therefore, you can put them on the seats whenever you go outside for a pleasant trip.

Use the old mattress

I did not waste the old and non-used things because you can use them for different DIY techniques. For example, I sew the old bed mattress on my motorcycle seat cover to make it soft and comfortable.

It is a cost-effective technique because you cannot purchase anything from outside. In addition, you can cut the bed mattress according to the required size.

You can cut them with cutters and a sharp knife because their flexible material makes them difficult to tear. Remove the cover and add the extra foam inside for dampening actions while riding on poor roads.

Sew the cover again after adding the old mattress and go for a test ride. Soft and cozy seats are required for riders whose passion is riding, and they spend days to weeks doing this.

Use soft rugs

People select soft rugs for their homes because these give a pleasant feeling when you wipe your feet. You can use these soft rugs on motorcycle seats to make them comfortable and soft.

In addition, these are the best plastic and rubber material that absorbs more heat from the environment. So you can use them during summer to keep your sitting place less hot so you can ride calmly.

You can tie these rugs over the seat covers so they cannot get slip from the rubber material and disturb you during the trip. Moreover, you can also use adhesive materials to adhere to them with rubber covers.

I prefer to use the strings to tie them because these do not affect the seat covers and are easy to install and remove.

Gel and air-filled pads

You can put the gel and air-filled pads on the seats for cushioning action. I prefer to use gel pads because of their puffiness and dampening action.

The gel pad contains a cushion-like material that is filled with polymer gel. It can make you feel comfortable during riding by absorbing the impacts and shocks from the roads.

Moreover, it relieves the pressure points, and you feel less tired and more pleasant during the trip. However, some people do not want to use them because of their non-porous structure and non-breathability, which leads to sweating.

You can also use air, water-filled, and foam cushions, but gel types are thick and softer than all.

Use wood beads rags

You can also use wood bead rags to add comfort to your motorcycle seats. These are not soft, but you cannot feel tired using them.

These are suitable options because they regulate blood flow and reduce tiredness. In addition, beads of the wooden material provide massaging action and relieve your pressure points.

The spaces between the wood beads allow better air circulation and act as an antiperspirant for your buttock.

You cannot feel sweet while riding a motorcycle on summer days because of air circulation through these open pores.

These are less costly, and you do not need anything to tuck them. In addition, these covers are made of thick, non-slippery material that can easily stay on rubber seats.

Install backrest

You can install the backrest on your motorcycle seats for long trips of days to weeks. These materials support your back and correct your sitting angle.

You can sit in an upright position, and it reduces the risk of back pain after traveling. These are beneficial for passengers and riders to make their trips relaxing and pleasant.

You can simply tuck them in the motorbike frame and do not need to remove anything. In addition, these are available in various sizes and designs, and you can select them according to your vehicle.

Use baby powder

Many people complain about skin irritation in the buttock area after riding uncomfortable motorcycle seats.

Skin irritation can also lead to rashes that become severe. Rashes and skin irritation occur because of sweating and high friction between your skin and rubber material.

You can also use the simple baby powders that are available in your home for your butt to reduce sweating. This help to absorb the moisture and you do not face sweating during riding.

In addition, these also create a layer between your skin and rubber material, eventually reducing the friction.

Padded shorts

Padded shorts for long trips are the most cost-effective and better option instead of spending money on seat covers. These contain thick and padded forms that provide cushioning action and absorb the shocks from unpaved roads.

It is better to check the flexibility of their material while selecting them. Some of these are made of a non-flexible material, and you cannot feel comfortable after wearing them.

You can wear them whenever you are going on long trips. Choose a flexible and soft material to avoid skin irritation during riding.

Sheepskin cover

Sheepskin fibers are named because of their resemblance to sheepskin. These are made of soft fibers made of wool material to provide softness and comfort.

You can add these covers to motorcycle seats to make them soft and relaxing for riding. These are soft and contain porous fibers that allow air circulation.

These remain cold in summer and warm in winter because of their soft and cozy fibers. It is a breathable fabric that keeps your body cool and dry while preventing skin rashes.

These are best for motorbikes having leather covers that remain warm in winter. Air is entrapped in their fibers and provides the insulating action according to changes in temperature.

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