How Much Does It Cost To Wrap a Motorcycle?

Many people wrap their motorcycles to protect the frame paint, increase resale worth, and for aesthetic looks. However, I prefer it because it is a durable and cost-effective than paint.

How Much Does It Cost To Wrap a Motorcycle? The average cost to wrap a motorcycle is $1600 to $3500, the maximum cost is $7000 to $10000, and its minimum price is $700 to $1000. However, it depends on the type of vinyl material, motorcycle dimensions, partial and full wrapping, and customization.

Riders do this to make their motorbikes appealing and protect their frame. However, it is a durable adhesive material and easily removable from its parts.

What is the average cost to wrap a motorcycle?

Wrapping a motorcycle means covering its frame with an adhesive vinyl sheet. Its material has different designs and graphics, which make it appealing. 

It is easy to install and lasts for several years. Furthermore, it protects the physical looks of the motorbike. 

You can wrap all parts except the engine and exhaust pipes because heat can damage this material. The vinyl wrap is effective for metallic parts and protects them from environmental damage. 

You can remove its parts from its frame and wrap them. It makes the procedure less complicated and consumes minimum time and effort. 

The average price of wrapping a motorcycle is about $1600 to $3500. However, its maximum cost ranges from $2000 to $5000. 

Sometimes, the price of this wrapping procedure increases from $5000. It changes according to wrap designs and installation procedures. 

Also, its maximum cost reaches $7000 to $10000. The price varies according to vinyl wrap quality and its dimensions. 

The minimum cost is between $700 to $1000. However, vinyl wraps are affordable according to their design, quality, and graphics. 

You can select a high-quality wrap for about $5 to $9 per square foot. 

Things that affect the cost of wrapping a motorcycle

 Many factors can increase or decrease the expense of a motorcycle wrapping. However, the following things affect its price. 

Type of wrapping material

Different types of motorcycle wraps are available in the market at variable prices. Vinyl matt wrap provides an aesthetic look to its surface. 

However, it can cost around $3 to $4 per square foot. Its price changes according to the manufacturing company and seller. 

You can select metallic cast vinyl for its wrapping. Also, it has different colors and provides a glossy look. Its starting cost is about $8 per square foot. 

Also, its average price varies from $8 to $10 per square foot. It has a glossy finish and specific texture to provide a wrap of its surface. 

Vinyl gloss is an affordable option, and many motorcyclists select it. However, it is durable and reduces the expense of the procedure. 

Its average price varies from $2 to $4 per square foot. Different retailers sell it at variable price ranges according to their profit margins. 

Chrome wraps are one of the most expensive options because they are appealing and durable. 

Moreover, their wrapping price is high because their average cost is about $6 to $13 per square foot. It has different categories which affect the total cost. 

Many people prefer carbon fiber wraps, which are nearly $4 to $8 per square foot. However, you can select silver and gold wraps. 

These are the most expensive, with an average price of almost $70 to $140 per square foot. 

Motorcycle dimensions

Its cost increases according to its frame dimensions. Like, a few models have large widths and lengths. 

They require more wrapping material which increases the price of this method. For example, cruiser motorcycles have more expensive wrapping procedures than regular street models. 

The number of parts determines the expense of this procedure. A few people wrap all parts, and others select a few components according to the available material and their convenience.

Furthermore, it directly increases or reduces the total expense of the method. 

The partial or full wrapping

The partial wrapping of a motorcycle is affordable because it includes a few frame parts. You can cover a few components of the frame according to your choice. 

Partial wrapping has a cost of about $400 and reaches $700. The frame damages can increase the cost of the procedure. 

Full vinyl wraps are expensive because they wrap all the frame components except those which can produce heat. 

Its average price is nearly $1600 to $3500 and changes according to its types, quality, and installation techniques.


Customized motorcycle wraps are more expensive than regular options because they have different designs and appealing graphics. A standard vinyl wrap costs $5 to $10 per square foot. 

A customized option is almost $18 to $22 per square foot. Customized options have challenging installation and require professional help. 

The labor charges are according to the complexity of the material and its design. As a result, the procedure becomes expensive. 

Customized options include different designs and colors which appeal to motorcyclists. 

How long does the motorcycle wrap last?

The vinyl wraps are specific for motorcycle frames because they have adhesive properties. They are durable and last for about 3 to 6 years. 

However, their life expectancy increases with protection and maintenance. A few people park their motorbikes under sunlight, which increases their exposure to ultraviolet rays. 

It can reduce the lifespan of this material from 2 to 3 years. Similarly, protection from sunlight, prevention of scratches, and maintenance can increase its shelf life to 5 to 7 years. 

How do you wrap a motorcycle?

You can wrap your motorcycle with a DIY method without professional help. Removing the parts from its frame makes the procedure less complicated. 

You can wash and clean these parts with soap and fresh water. Taking measurements of different parts and cutting the cover according to them makes the method less time-consuming. 

You can keep its dimensions more than the part size for better coverage. Removing the backing exposes the adhesive part of the vinyl, and you can adjust it from one side to the other edge. 

Folding the edges near the curves provides smooth coverage. You can stretch it by applying heat and stabilizing it. 

Using a heat gun or a dryer is better for providing continuous heat. You can stretch it manually and remove the bubbles and lines for better finishing. 

The procedure can consume 2 to 3 hours, and time varies according to your expertise and skills. 

Why would you wrap a motorcycle?

Wrapping a motorbike can protect the frame paint from damage. It is a cost-effective technique to enhance its frame looks. 

Also, its installation and maintenance are easy. Providing a fresh and appealing look to its frame is one of the significant benefits of vinyl wraps. 

It has various patterns, colors, and themes, which improve the frame look. Customized options can provide aesthetic looks to its frame. 

It makes a protective layer on the metallic frame and other metal-based parts. Furthermore, it prevents the paint from fading and protects the frame from scratches. 

You can use it because its removal is easy and less time-consuming. However, customized options can consume more time and require expertise. 

Its maintenance and cleaning are easy. Therefore, you can wash it with soap and clean water. 

Is it cheaper to paint or wrap a motorcycle?

Many people prefer vinyl wraps for their motorcycles because the paint is expensive. The average cost of its paint varies from $4000 to $16000. 

However, it increases according to its size and paint color. It protects the frame and last for several years without scratches. 

Wrapping it is cheaper, with an average cost of $1600 to $3500. Its maximum price reaches $10000, which is more affordable than paint jobs.

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