What Size Screws For License Plate Honda Civic?

Often you have heard people complaining about lost or stolen license plates. The main reason can be improper installation due to a size mismatch between the mounting assembly and screws or damage to them due to corrosion or other wear and tear.

What Size Screws For License Plate Honda Civic? The commonly used screw size to mount the Honda Civic license plates is 6mm in diameter, 16mm in length, and 10mm in head size. Other compatible sizes are M6 x ¾ inch and ¼ inch x ¾ inch. A few common types are self-tapping, bolts, hex heads, flat heads, and anti-theft fasteners. Stainless steel screws with chrome or zinc coating are best to ensure anti-rust properties.

You can also mount the license plate using adhesive tapes, no drill or magnetic brackets without screws.

What type of screws are best for Honda civic license plates?

There are several types of screws available in the market to fix the license plates for the Honda Civic.

It is better to consider the size, style, and material to ensure proper fit and durability over time. People often use hex head screws for the installation of these plates.

They have two other types, which are self-tapping and bolt. Self-tapping screws are easy to install on the car body as they don’t need threaded holes.

They make their path as you tighten them with the help of a screwdriver. There are also the ones with slotted hex heads. They don’t need nylon or plastic receivers or retainers.

Some mechanics prefer to use hex bolts instead of screws. They put them by drilling a hole and tightening a nut on the other end of the bolt. 

You will also find anti-theft license plate fasteners with a unique cone-shaped head that nobody can open with an ordinary screwdriver once you fix it.

Others with decorative shapes and designs are available. You can choose the one according to your requirements to ensure your car’s security and better look.

Screw size for Honda Civic license plate

There are usually 4 screws on a Honda Civic license plate to secure all four corners. One typical size is M6 x 16mm. They have a 6mm diameter, 16mm length, and 10mm head size.

The top can be hex bolts, while on the bottom are self-tapping screws. Some plates also need only 2 screws to fix them.

You will find M6 x ¾ inch screws on 2001-2005 models of Honda Civic. Another compatible size is ¼ inch diameter hex head screws having a length of ¾ inches.

Furthermore, you can also use M8 screws with an 8mm diameter and thread pitch of 1.25. The length of the screw will be 30-35mm.

These are some commonly used dimensions for fixing license plates depending on the car model and the number of screws required. You can choose the one from your local hardware store according to these sizes.

What should be the material for license plate screws?

Material for license plate fasteners should be such that to be rust proof and durable enough to last longer without any deterioration.

High-grade stainless steel is the best material for these screws to ensure their durability and strength. However, it is prone to damage due to corrosion or rust.

Therefore, zinc or chrome coating on their surface will protect them from corrosion and high temperatures and give them a shiny finish.

Moreover, decorative screws made of aluminum alloy are also available and compatible with your car license plates. You can also get these fasteners made of nylon, suitable in hilly areas with high salt content in the air. 

What other components are required to mount a license plate?

Besides the screws of specific dimensions, you will also need a few other items to successfully install the license plate.

Most cars have a mounting bracket or frame installed with the help of screws above the bumper on both the front and rear of the vehicle.

Therefore, if you don’t have one, you need one to avoid drilling holes in the body. Moreover, certain types of screws need washers or plastic receivers for perfect fitment.

You will not need a bunch of tools for its installation. A drill machine and a screwdriver, according to the head shape of the screws, will be sufficient to do the job. 

How to install screws on the license plate of a Honda Civic?

License plate installation on a Honda Civic is an easy task. Start with the front of the car and unscrew the old plate with the help of a screwdriver.

Thoroughly clean the frame for any dirt or corrosion beneath it. Align it with the holes on the mounting bracket and drill new ones accordingly.

Next, re-install them and tighten the screws to their maximum length. In the end, manually check their firmness to ensure proper installation.

Repeat the same procedure for the rear plate. According to the bracket assembly, you should install all screws, whether 2 or 4.

In the case of bolts, check that you fixed the nuts firmly in their place. For anti-theft screws, you have to fix them with the help of a custom wrench included in the kit. Don’t over-tighten the nylon bolts, as they can easily break.

Do all Honda Civics have the same license plate screws?

License plate screws are a part that car manufacturers seldom bother to change. Therefore, you will find them mostly the same as far as you consider their stock size.

However, there can be a difference in design and type of screws between different Honda Civic models.

Moreover, variation can occur if somebody loses the original manufacturer screws and, as a replacement, install one with a different size.

Similarly, you buy a used car, and its owner might have changed the mounting bracket by using any other type of screws available to him.

Can we install a license plate without screws?

Yes, you can install the license plate on a Honda Civic without screws or bolts, but it is the most secure method to avoid losing or getting them stolen.

One common way is to fix the plate on the bumper with the help of any strong adhesive tape. You can also install it with the help of double-sided tape.

There are also no-drill, no-holes front mounting brackets that you can easily fix on the grille and mount the license plates.

You can also choose the magnetic mounting assembly for your car, and it will need no screws to install metallic plates on them.

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