What Year Harley Davidson Parts are Interchangeable?

Harley Davidson is one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers for the US market, having a presence since 1903-present.

It has introduced several models within certain families, including Touring, Softail, Dyna, VRSC, Sportster, and Street, to name a few.

What Year Harley Davidson Parts are Interchangeable? According to our experience and customer reviews, you can interchange different body parts of Harley Davidson motorcycles from 1997-2008, 2009-2016, and 2017-onwards for Touring models. Evolution engines have compatible parts from 1986-1990, 1991-2003, and 2004-onwards models. Seats, backrests, and suspension systems are specific for Softail, Touring, Dyna, and Sportster families. You can swap the headlights from the 1986-2017 model in the Softail family. 2000-2007 Touring family models have swappable wheels. Forward controls are compatible for 1986-2003 and 2004-onwards Sportster bikes.

Harley Davidson has a market presence of more than 100 years as one of the leading motorcycle manufacturers in the US. Therefore, its parts and accessories are readily available in the market.

Moreover, its interchangeability and readily available parts and other services make it a good choice besides having a retro look in its models.

Body parts

Body parts, including fenders, windshields, deflectors, fairing, and side covers, are interchangeable between specific motorcycle frames.

Front and rear fenders also depend on the tire size, and you should choose accordingly. For the Road King model, front fenders are compatible between 2013 and earlier.

Later models from 2014-onwards have a modified design, and you can replace it between them.

Rear fenders are compatible between models up to 2008 and 2009-onwards models due to extensive design changes the manufacturer introduced in 2009.

Side covers are also specific for 2014-later Touring series models. Earlier motorcycles up to 2013 have interchangeable covers between them.

Inner fairing and instrument housing kits are compatible with 2015-onwards Road Glide models.

Moreover, they are identical to the 2014-later Touring family models, including Electra Glide and Street Glide models.

Softail series models have fairing mounting brackets that you can replace between 2018-onwards FXBB, FXLR, and FXST models.

You can replace windshields for the 2022-onwards Nightster RH975 and FLXRST models.

Moreover, windshield screens are compatible between 1986-2017 Softail models like FLSS, FLSTC, and FLSTFB. You will also find luggage packs swappable between different models of Touring, Softail


1991-2003 Evolution engines have compatible parts like transmission, breather system, stator, and heads.

1986-1990 models have compatible components for replacement in those years. 2004-later models have different design features for Evolution engines.

A small V-twins engine is available in 3 different displacements. 883 cc and 1200 cc engines have components similar in their respective model years except for piston and cylinder size.

The ninth generation of Big V-twins is available in 2016-onwards Touring, Softail, Trike, and custom-built models.

Moreover, you should check for 4-speed and 5-speed types before going for interchange, as same-speed transmission systems are feasible for swap.

The Sportster family of Harley Davidson motorcycles uses Evolution engines and has different air cleaners, backing plates, breather holes, and mounting brackets.

Therefore, you cannot replace engine parts between them. However, some swappable parts are rocker boxes, clutch baskets, and plates.

You can also replace the Twin Cam engine between most of the models of the Touring and Dyna families from 2014-onwards with few exceptions.

Seats and backrests

2008-onwards Touring models of these motorcycles, including Road King, Road Glide, and Street Glide, have compatible seats with few exceptions.

Electra Glides have a shorter dash panel than Street Glide, and swapping their seating will not be feasible for perfect fitment.

You can cover the difference between any of these models by using extension pads to cover the gap.

Backrests for Softail models like Heritage, Springer, Deluxe, and Fatboy have only compatible backrests for the same model years with the same sissy bar and mounts.

Dyna models, including Super Glide, Street Bob, and Low Rider, have compatible seats between all years.

However, Wide Glide has a different design than other models and is incompatible without modification in mounting holes.

You can swap Softails seats between their respective models. For example, the Deuce is a bit similar in dimensions to Wide Glide, and you can check for replacing seats between them.

Many aftermarket seats are also available that are compatible with many models. If you don’t find a match for your bike, you can select them for a matching arrangement.

Electrical parts

Their electrical parts include the battery, charger, status display, horn kit, starter, cooling fan, spark plugs, starter, and alternator kits.

You can replace 4Ah Lithium batteries between 2008-2013 XR (Sportster), 2015-onwards XG (Street), and 2004-onwards XL (Sportster) models.

A larger 8Ah battery is a perfect fitment according to its size in the 2004-present Touring and 2009-later Trike models.

Moreover, the 7Ah battery is swappable in models like 2007-2017 VRSC muscle motorcycles, 1997-2017 Dyna family, and 1997-onwards Softail models.

The battery charger fits across all Harley Davidson models lineup, irrespective of its current rating.

A cooling fan is there to increase comfort during traveling and is switchable between 2017-onwards the Touring models.

You can swap the horn between most models of the same family, like Sportster XL from 1996-later and 2008-2013 XR models.

The 1.4 KW starter is swappable in models 2007-2017 Softail, Touring, and Trike and 2006-2017 Dyna models with few exceptions.

Spark plugs are specific to the engine designs, but you can replace them between any two models. Other wiring harnesses and connectors are also compatible with most of their models.

There are other electronic modules like turn signal security module (TSSM), engine control module (ECM), and turn signal modules (TSM).

TSSM is for security purposes and requires modification for fitment other than the same model year.

ECM is also specific for the VIN of our motorcycle, and you need to visit the dealer to reprogram it to work correctly on other bikes.

Moreover, it also communicates with other modules like TSM, TSSM, and speedo cluster. Therefore, all should have matching settings and VIN to prevent any error code.


They have primary lightS elements like headlights, markers, tail lights, and other LEDs for decoration purposes on the fairing, luggage rack, saddlebag, footboard, and fenders.

Headlights are suitable for models within a specific family according to their fitment design.

For example, you can replace them between the 1986-2017 models of the Softail family. Taillights are more particular because they have an exact mounting place on rear fenders.

Therefore, installing them on other models with different designs will be difficult. However, other options, including accent lighting for different body parts, are universal, and you can swap them between any two models.

However, indicators, side markers, and brake lights are specific for the models. 2014-onwards Touring family motorcycles, including Road King, Electra Glide, Ultra Limited, and Road Glide models.

Audio system

They have an audio system consisting of speakers, subwoofers, amplifier, AM/FM radio antenna, and Bluetooth headset.

The Speaker, amplifier, and subwoofer have a unique mounting system within the fairing.

Therefore, they are specific according to the motorcycle models as they will not fit on other designs without any modifications.

2006-2013 Electra Glide, Street Glide, and Ultra Glide models have 5.25″ speakers, and you can swap with compatible sizes.

You must install the mounting bracket for other dimensions to make them work.

2014-onwards Touring models have compatible speakers except for a few models like FLHRC, FLTRXSE, and FLHXSE during these years.

The AM/FM antenna hidden inside the fairing is suitable for the 1998-2003 Touring and Trike models.

The complete audio system inside the fairing and radio communication functionality is available in Touring models only.

There can be differences in wiring connectors in new and older models, and you must modify them to work correctly. Dealer reflash will also be required to enable the radio system after the swap.


The Road King and Street Glide model from the Touring family has new brakes and bigger rotors from 2008-onwards, and you can swap them.

For replacing with older models, you must replace the rotor and flush the brake fluid as Brembo brakes on newer models use a different type.

Moreover, the front brake master cylinder and calipers are also the same and suitable for swap from 2008-later models.

You can also combine brake components from different model years to upgrade the system, as the 2007 master cylinder and lever are compatible with the 2008 Heritage model.

Other parts like front brake pads are family specific; you can swap them between 2008-onwards Touring and a few Trike models.

Rear brake pads for 2008-2017 Dyna and Softail models are compatible. Hand controls, brakes, calipers, and forks are universal for Sportster models and are usable for many years.


Shocks and coilovers are the central part of the suspension system. You can replace the shocks between 2007-16 and 2017-later Touring models.

Moreover, you can also change between different family models. However, they can have different spring rates due to changes in bike weights according to specific models.

Therefore, shocks from heavier motorcycles like Touring and Dyna on lighter models like Sportster will make them respond stiff, and springs from lighter models will be too soft for heavier models.

However, you can resolve the issue by swapping with air-adjustable suspensions as you can increase or decrease the air pressure according to your requirements.

Instruments and gauges

Instruments cluster and odometer and speedometer gauges are VIN specific after you cover a specific distance on that motorcycle.

Therefore, after you swap them from any other model, it will not display any figures and will show VINerr. Some dealerships offer services for programming reflash, but it is not reliable, and you should go to buy new ones.

Moreover, there is serial data communication with ECM and modified pickup/sending units for speedometer and tachometer for 2004-onwards models.

Therefore, parts before 2004 are not compatible with later models. Instrument bezels are suitable for CVO and Touring models.

Aftermarket solutions or new gauges are available well-suited with models like 2012-2017 Dyna, 2011-2017 Softail, and 2014-onwards XL having 4″ speedometer dials.


Hand and foot controls include hand grips, control levers, brake levers, shift levers, clutch, light controls, cruise control, and other related parts.

Its hand controls work for the 1998-2008 and 2009-2013 model Touring bikes. However, connector wires can vary according to the available functions, and you have to modify them.

Forward controls are substitutable for 2002-2006 and onwards Dyna models. You can also swap them between 2002-2006 Super Glide models.

You can replace the forward controls for 1986-2003 and 2004-later Sportster bikes.

2002-05 and 2006-14 model Night Rod VRSC motorcycle has interchangeable pedal assembly including footpegs and rear brake levers.

2015 Ultra Limited Low also has compatible brake and clutch levers and is easy to swap.


They have several mirror options: left or right mounted, reversed, and long or short stem.

You can easily swap them between most models irrespective of their families, as long as their mounting bolt thread size matches.

In addition, some aftermarket solutions allow you to renew them instead of using the old ones.

There are also chrome-plated short stem mirrors that are compatible for replacing between 1982-onwards models with few exceptions for specific models from Touring and the complete VRSCF family.


Harley Davidson motorcycles have different wheel sizes from 16″ -21″ with many in-between sizes. Additionally, 2000-2007 models from the Touring family have interchangeable wheels.

If 2 bikes have different wheel sizes, you can swap them by using the axle and spacer from the source bike as long as there is no significant size difference.

2000-2010 model Sportster XL models also have compatible wheels. You can replace them between 2000-2001, 2002-2005, and 2006-2017 Dyna FXD models.

Softail Fat Boy from 2000-2003, 2004-2006, and 2007-2017 models also have swappable front and rear wheels.

VRSC models, including V-Rod, Night Rod, and Street Rod, have interchangeable wheels from 2002-2006 and 2007-2017. For 21″ front wheels, it requires adjusting the fenders to prevent friction between them.

Are parts between different model families of Harley Davidson interchangeable?

Yes, you can interchange common parts between different families of Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Such components include an engine, a few body parts, mirrors, and Brembo brakes from 2008-onwards models.

Wheel size can also match between different families, and you can swap them as long as there is no difference in axle size.

Shocks are specific for each family according to their weights, and so are their spring rates.

In addition, ECM and other electronic parts have VIN-specific programming and require dealer reflash to work on other models.

You can also replace seats between the same families. Unfortunately, you cannot swap Dyna seats with Touring or Softail models.

What year did Harley Touring change their frames?

The Touring family of Harley Davidson motorcycles consists of several models, including Road Glide, Electra Glide, Road King, and Street Glide.

The first upgrade was in 1997, and most parts before 1997 are not interchangeable with later models. Next, they significantly improved in 2009 with a new chassis design.

They got a newer frame, swingarm, and engine mounts. Few models of the Touring family also received updates in 2014 as a part of a special project.

Other Touring models like Street Glide received few upgrades, including engine and frame modification according to engine mounting in 2017.

Therefore, models in Touring families within a fixed duration before any significant design changes are compatible with each other for parts.

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