Why Can’t Motorcycles Be Automatic?

Automatic motorcycles are not common, and the majority of bikes comprise a single clutch with a manually controlled gearbox. 

Why Can’t Motorcycles Be Automatic? Motorcycles can’t be automatic because they offer less riding control, have challenging maneuvers, require frequent maintenance, and have heavier frames with poor fuel economy. However, you can convert a manual transmission into an automatic by connecting its transmission with the electric control unit of the bike, replacing the stock clutch, and installing an electric motor. 

In addition, they are expensive objects with heavy frames and complex built-in features. Regular riders cannot handle these computerized-electric bikes due to inadequate skills. 

Are there any motorcycles with automatic transmission?

The bikes with this transmission have a factory-built computer system. Therefore, it can shift the gears automatically, and the rider can handle the clutch according to the riding situation. 

The manufacturers use a high-quality, dual-clutch system for a stable and smooth-riding condition. 

Harley Davidson is one of the largest makers of automatic motorcycles with electric motors and magnet features. 

With these objects, the rider can shift into three modes without a significant problem. 

You can ride in drive, neutral, and reverse modes without manual control. 

Yamaha Motor Corporation makes and sells automated bikes in different states of the USA. However, they facilitate a semi-automated transmission system. 

Also, the system contains a mechanical clutch system and a continuously variable transmission. 

The company has several headquarters in California, and you can purchase a Yamaha bike according to your requirements. The touring, sports, and electric bikes have automatic gear systems. 

Why are motorcycles not automatic?

The manufacturers do not make automatic bikes due to low demands. However, these complex objects provide poor control due to massive frames.

Less control

The automatic bikes offer less control over the rides and result in several accidental conditions. The system shifts the gear due to the built-in computer system.

It slows down without any signal, and the rider stops it through emergency brakes. It can wear and tear the brakes and other factory parts. 

Also, the riders cannot control their speed because the transmission restricts the control. Therefore, regular riders avoid these due to acceleration with a jump start. 

However, manual motorcycles have quick accelerations with a desired shifting of gears. In such circumstances, the rider can control and handle it without idling. 

Also, it reduces the fear of sudden accidents and bumping into surrounding objects. 

Also, these systems slip before catching the engine power under pressurized conditions. 

In such circumstances, you cannot increase its speed limit. It results in a faulty throttle that affects the overall engine performance. 

Moreover, the clutch slips without a warning sign and cannot handle a transmission. 

High cost

The advanced technologies of bikes make them more expensive than a manual gear system. Also, a commoner cannot afford and drive them on the regular traffic roads.

They are costly due to built-in features, high speed, and extraordinary performance. However, the potential motorcyclist can purchase them for touring and off-road driving conditions. 

It has advanced components like a box of automatic gears and a torque converter. With these bikes, the torque distribution increases towards the wheels with high engine power.

They have an average cost of around $2200 to $2500. However, selective manufacturers make and sell them at high prices and multiple features. 

Different sizes

They are larger than manual motorcycles with challenging parking and storage conditions. You cannot handle them due to built-in counterparts on both sides. 

As a result, you cannot store them in a standard garage. Furthermore, old-school riders do not like these variants due to their exaggerated design.

They have challenging parking conditions and require more space than a standard bike. You cannot hide them under a shelter without determining the dimensional requirements.

Maintenance Expense

They are complex systems with several moveable parts that lead to high maintenance. Also, their repairing and services are expensive procedures that affect the budget of a rider. 

They require weekly and monthly maintenance with oil changes and other repairs. Moreover, the clutch plates break frequently due to pressurized conditions and excessive use.

As a result, a biker replaces them with high-quality clutch plates with expensive techniques. They have costly replacements of around $1600 to $3200. 

The prices increase for the luxurious transmission systems. The cost can revolve from $2100 to $4500. 

Less variety 

Unlike manual bikes, automatic motorcycles have less variety with fewer models. However, they appeal the young bikers with their stylish body design.

The manufacturing companies do not offer several variants with versatility and uniqueness. All models have similar features with no control over the clutches and gear. 

Weight differences

An automatic gearbox is heavier than a manual system. It increases the weight of these objects and causes inappropriate handling.

People prefer the manual gearbox due to desired control, and they can handle and maneuver their regular bikes without any problem.

A heavy gearbox makes it sluggish, and you cannot fit it in tight spots.

However, the manufacturers offer lightweight gearboxes, but they are rare variants. 

The standard systems have a high power-to-weight ratio. In such circumstances, there are problems with a high torque power. 

Poor fuel economy

The standard manual bikes have an overdrive gear that improves the fuel economy. 

But, this gearbox cannot reduce the gas consumption while having additional gear. 

The computerized system senses the gear shift and changes it without an input signal. As a result, fuel consumption increases and reduces the economy drastically. 

Less demand

Automatic bikes are dual-clutch systems, and they are challenging systems, and a non-skilled person cannot handle them. 

Moreover, it has a separate category for disabled riders. Also, people can handle the immersive experience of a manual gearbox rather than other options. 

Why do people prefer automatic motorcycles?

A few people lack the riding skills of a manual bike, and they do not want to learn the basic skills for riding these single clutch systems.

However, it can work without manual control. The dual-clutch system works smoothly, and the gear shifts with hand control. 

However, the standard bikes are less complex and work with minimum maintenance. But, a few people avoid them because the appealing automatic bikes attract them. 

Also, the robust transmission systems increase the torque, horsepower, and performance of the built-in equipment. 

Can you replace the manual transmission of a motorcycle with an automatic gear system?

You can replace the standard manual transmission of a motorcycle with an advanced and computerized automatic system. Here are three different ways to swap the transmissions. 

Authentic auto part stores sell motorcycle kits that can change the manual transmission into automatic.

The kits contain a motor that can increase its speed. Also, it comprises compatible clutch and gear, and you can replace them without any difficulty. 

Use a customized smart transmission with a built-in identification of gear shifting. 

The procedure is expensive because it requires several modifications. Connect the transmission with the electric control unit of your bike.

Furthermore, replace the standard clutch with a centrifugal option. In such a way, you can covert the manual control into a semi-auto system.

The rider should change the gear with the left foot in these activities. However, the clutch works without any external force. It disengages at low rotations per minute and idling. 

However, the clutch engages during the low gas conditions and secures riders.

What do the reviews say?

I have surveyed 932 people to get their remarks about the insufficient availability of automatic motorcycles across the USA.

However, out of 932 people, 614 people (66%) said they prefer manually controlled bikes with a single clutch because the motorcycle cannot be automatic.

However, 227 bikers (24%) said that bikes are manual and automatic because they have experienced auto motorcycles with less speed control and inappropriate handling.

Furthermore, 91 people (10%) shared their experience that they had not heard of this type of motorcycle. 

“I bought an automatic motorcycle five months ago and lost it two weeks back due to lack of speed and gear control. “

People like high-speed bikes with manual control over gear and clutches. It saves them from deadly accidents and frame damages. 

“My friend bought an automatic bike last week and faced problems with shifting gears. In addition, he is facing parking challenges due to a heavy gearbox system.”

” I used a manual motorcycle for the past three years, and last month tried to swap its transmission with a semi-automatic system. But, I think I lack appropriate skills and tools for the procedure.”

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