Why is My Chevy Silverado Aux Power Outlet Not Working?

Chevy Silverado contains a 12-volt auxiliary power outlet which was initially designed to blow a cigarette from the electronically heated filaments. People use these power sockets to recharge low power-draining devices such as mobile phones and laptops.

Why is My Chevy Silverado Aux Power Outlet Not Working? Chevy Silverado Aux power outlet stops working because of the wrong power inverters, blown out fuse, trapped dust and debris, and short circuits. In addition, it happens due to faulty chargers, frayed wiring connections, and bent or corroded contact points.

It is necessary to inspect the power outlets because it is necessary to recharge your mobile phones during long trips. Moreover, you can find them between the front passenger and driver seats.

Causes Solutions
Wrong power inverters Select inverters according to 12V outlets
Blown out fuse Replace fuse
Burned socket Replace sockets or try different charging ports
Trapped dirt and debris Use a hairdryer and vacuum cleaners
Short circuits Use plastic tools to remove metal objects
Frayed wiring connections Check the power supply with multimeters
Bent and corroded contact points of sockets Reshape contact points and use electric cleaner

Wrong power inverters

Power inverters in Chevy Silverado play an essential role in these outlets because they are helpful in the conversion of DC to AC. In addition, most devices use low-voltage AC for charging purposes, and you need converters.

In addition, these inverters also keep the current supply at a normal range and prevent fluctuations. Voltage supply fluctuation issue comes when you use the wrong power inverters for these sockets.

Moreover, you cannot recharge your phones or other devices when improper inverters are installed. The voltage of the inverters also matters when you add them to the trucks.

The inverters are also helpful in drawing the extra current and preventing them from reaching the sockets, which leads to burning and misfiring issues.

These cannot alternate the high current path because of their wrong size and faulty installation. Select the inverters according to the voltage of the aux power outlets.

These are designed for 10 volts to 12 volts devices, so selecting the inverters according to these voltages is necessary.

Blown out fuse

These 12-volt sockets contain the fuse to prevent the whole system from malfunctioning. The fuse blows out when power inverters are not functioning correctly and high current moves through them.

These can also blow out when you add the high-current drawing accessory to your Chevy Silverado. Moreover, some charging devices also draw high electric current and cause this issue.

The fuse blows out when high current travels through its wires. The continuous tripping of circuits leads to a blown-out fuse.

Using incorrect and high current drawing charging devices leads to tripping issues. The tripped fuse eventually blows out, and you cannot receive power from the outlets.

You can use the tester devices to check the power in the outlets. Touch the tip of these devices with the contact points, and you can see the light, representing the electric current running in the system.

You do not need to replace the fuse but avoid adding the unrecognized charging devices to them. Replacing the fuse when the tester device light does not turn on is necessary.

Open the hood of the truck and find the fuse of the 12V power sockets. Use the pliers to remove the burnt-out fuse and add the new ones, which can support the 10 volts to 12 volts electric circuits.

These can keep blowing out when you install the ones having the incorrect size.

Burned socket

The auxiliary power outlets in Chevy Silverado do not function because of their burned-out sockets. These electric sockets are specially designed for low-power-draining charging devices.

The issue comes when you add heavy charging equipment with them. The heavy devices lead to burned-out sockets, which no longer supply current for charging purposes.

In addition, these can also burn out because of blown-out fuse and failure of power inverters. Moreover, faulty batteries also cause fluctuations in voltage and current supply.

These cannot function because of the frayed wiring of the charging ports. Sometimes the sockets are fine, but the chargers of the connecting devices are faulty and cannot receive power from these outlets.

These sockets are replaceable, and you can add new ones there. However, the procedure is slightly complex, and it is better to call the expert for their removal and installation.

Turn off the power supply while dealing with these electric components. Try different chargers and devices when one is not working in your pickup truck.

Trapped dirt and debris

The aux power outlets do not contain any covers, and these are opened parts. As a result, dirt and debris can easily enter these sockets, leading to a poor connection between the charging ports and contact points.

These cannot make the proper connection because of entrapped debris and dirt particles. The poor connection also leads to hindrances in the current supply to the connected charging ports.

The food particles can enter inside when you are eating food during driving. In addition, the dust also accumulates on their sides and causes resistance in electric current flow.

You cannot use any metal tool to remove the debris and dirt particles from them. I use wooden toothpicks because these are poor conductors of electricity.

However, using a hair dryer and vacuum cleaner, you can clear the dust inside the sockets.

Short circuits

The power outlets cannot function because of short circuits in these electric components. Short circuits issue comes when you add the wrong charging devices to your Chevy Silverado.

Moreover, the issue also comes when coins and other metal objects enter inside. The chances of misfiring increase because of the contact between two metal surfaces.

The metal coins come in contact with the metallic contact points and produce short circuits. As a result, metal coins can enter inside when your children throw them in these sockets while playing.

In addition, these can accidentally fall inside because of their vertical installation. Avoid removing metal objects and coins with tweezers because it can worsen the situation.

Use the wooden and plastic plier tools to remove them from the sockets.

Frayed wiring connections

The wires that supply power to these auxiliary power outlets become faulty and inhibit the current supply.

These broken wires do not allow the current to pass through them, and eventually, you cannot charge your phones and laptops.

The hindrance in current flow also comes because of short-circuited wires. In addition, the connections of the cables also become loose over time and their daily use.

These cannot make tight connections with these outlets and provide sufficient power. Moreover, the batteries become dead and cannot supply power to these wires.

The faulty batteries of the truck also cause interference in the voltage supply. You can check the current supply from the wires using the multimeter.

In addition, it is also necessary to check the connections of the wires connected to Chevy Silverado outlets and ensure their proper connectivity.

Bent and corroded contact points of sockets

Three contact points are located in these power outlets to supply current to charging ports. The bend and damaged contact points cause an interruption in the current supply.

These can bend when you insert the wrong chargers in these 12-volt sockets. In addition, the issue also comes because of their daily use and old age.

Many people insert the port in them with excessive pressure, which can bend these contact points. However, corrosion can also come on these metal contact points because of the humidity of the interior cabin.

You can use electric cleaners to remove rust from them. Turn off the ignition and use the pliers to reshape the bent contact points.

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