Why Motorcycles Should Be Banned?

Many motorcyclists love to ride on their vehicles and find them suitable for roads as they need less space on the road than cars. However, many think that these are not suitable for roads.

Why Motorcycles Should Be Banned? Motorcycles should be banned as they are responsible for causing noise pollution, safety issues, and increased risk of road accidents compared to cars. Moreover, it is uncomfortable for the body as you cannot enjoy the seat and storage areas and need a separate license to drive it. Furthermore, it is not a suitable option for families, provides less environmental protection, and can damage roads. 

Environmental pollution and safety are the primary concerns of the authorities dealing with traffic and related matters, as many accidents are recorded due to poor handling and safety of 2-wheelers.

Motorcycles are affordable vehicles that are easier to drive on the road and need quick manual fixes when it breaks down the road.

However, some people think they should be banned for many reasons like noise pollution and safety issues.

Motorcycle creates noise pollution

The motorcycles create excessive noise pollution when you see heavy bikes moving on the road with larger engines expelling more harmful gases.

Many countries have banned these vehicles as these are responsible for excessive air pollution and loud noise affecting public health.

There are laws and regulations to follow while driving, but many enthusiastic drivers do not bother about rules responsible for noise disturbances.

However, motorbike supporters believe that only petrol-powered engines are responsible for such noise that needs to be replaced instead of banning them.

So, these are considered pollution producers and noise machines responsible for driving attention towards implementing a ban on using them.

Increased risk of accidents

There is an increased accident risk when you are driving a motorcycle because many people avoid wearing proper clothes.

Such baggy clothes can get stuck inside the moving wheels and leads to severe injury. However, there is no such risk of falling from the seat as you are sitting inside a metal box.

Furthermore, you can directly hit the road after falling from the motorbike, which can cause scratches on the skin when you are not adequately covering the body.

Such associated safety issues lead to the point that it needs to be banned from coming outside on the road instead of providing the benefit of covering lesser space.

Not Suitable for families

Motorcycles are not a suitable option for families as these are 2-wheels vehicles that can only provide a space for two people, including the rider and passenger.

You have to switch to cars or other 4-wheelers if you have a large family and love to go hiking and related outdoor activities.

It has limited space for sitting due to the absence of seats and does not allow you to go outside with children and your partner.

It does not provide any storage area and restricts you from having personal possessions along with you when going on road trips because there is no space to keep the luggage.

They have no trunks like cars and trucks that can put limitations when going out for groceries. You cannot even help your friends by offering a ride to their destination.

Less protection

You have to face the problem of direct exposure to air elements because it does not provide a covered space for the passengers.

In addition, sunlight can have a burning effect on bodies during summer, and cold winter air can make you feel uncomfortable.

The air elements during wind and rain drops or snowfall in rainy or snowy weather can interrupt driving as it becomes difficult to concentrate on the road.

It does not protect in bad weather when you have to reach at destination spot without considering the climatic conditions outside.

So, it creates an uncomfortable situation and not a safe mode of transportation that cannot protect during rain or winds.

Therefore, it is considered an unsafe choice that should be banned as it provides only fewer benefits to the drivers.

Require a separate license

Driving a 2-wheeler is an entirely different experience from taking a 4-wheeler on the road, depending on the weight and presence of features.

Accordingly, a regular driver’s license cannot be used for driving a motorcycle because there is a separate permit for a free ride on it after having expertise.

Furthermore, you have to make enough struggle to practice and pass the driving test to get a motorbike license. Therefore, it is not only a waste of time, but it requires a lot of energy and money.

You have to take classes, which can be a difficult task as a rider, which increases the overall cost of the vehicle.

Security issues

It is an uncovered vehicle that provides easier access to thieves who can grab you on the road for looting purposes.

However, it is easy to lock yourself inside a car when you detect a suspicious group of people around you, as the vehicle’s metal body acts as a protective shield.

Moreover, motorbikes are more prone to theft and are likely to be stolen as there is no need to break into a motorbike, unlike cars.

So, safety and security issues account for the fact that they should be banned shortly and replaced with other vehicles like cars that are safer and more spacious.

Motorcycles can damage the roads

Most probably, you have heard about the damage to tires caused by uneven pavement and the presence of sharp objects on the road.

However, rash driving of motorbikes on the roads can also have a negative impact on the ground. Therefore, banning these 2-wheelers on the road is essential because they are damaging badly.

Many motorbike riders drive it so fast without even noticing the speed breakers and uneven surfaces on the road and move steadily.

I have seen many churn-up tracks caused by motorbikes that are responsible for raising concerns about banning such vehicles in public places.

This ultimate damage to the ground makes the road unsafe for other activities like cycling and walking. In addition, it will cost almost millions to fix the damaged footpaths ripped by motorcycles.

Few countries are banning motorcycles in cities

Many countries have restricted driving a motorcycle on city roads, particularly in the busiest places, to protect other people from being hit by a speedily moving vehicle.

Moreover, Paris and China are continuously making efforts and trying to impose a ban on a motorcycle, but it is still allowed to be used on the roads.

It is not considered illegal to ride a motorcycle in America, but there are a few rules to follow, like the recommended speed you can attain on the road.

Furthermore, you have to wear protective clothing while driving and avoid going to busy spots. Their loud engine can make the environment noisy and disturb people’s health.

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